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  1. Saw in it the theatres and I'm excited to give it another watch when it comes out on video. Though I was kinda hoping the twist wasnt going to be what it was, hoping for no twist at all but it worked out ok i suppose
  2. 3rd episode was crap. The series is different from BoB in alot of ways. Crappy character development is whats probably hurting it the most. It tends to focus more on the mental aspects of fighting in the pacific. so far its 'ok'. Its not going to stack up to BoB but its decent for what it is.
  3. Has anyone here seen this? Thoughts? John Goodman will never be the same to me.
  4. does anyone know if matt played the slow version of x-rated?
  5. to me, being simple and raw and 'unfinished', is what gives it its character, makes it more real in a sense I guess. Its near the top of the most played songs by mg for me anyways.
  6. such a great tune. i'd love to see matt get back to some of his folkish roots
  7. No more club infinity for buffalo either! That place was fucking terrible for a Matthew Good show unless youre into hearing drunks and clanking dishes the entire time
  8. Matthew Good in Memphis...nice. Would love to have a ticket for that show even though i wouldnt be able to go. I gotta feeling hopeless would probably end up on that nights setlist
  9. edit: wow! I havnt made it to a show yet, hoping to catch the dec 17th one...but man this version of emptys theme park is amazing
  10. out of all the guitarists hes played with on his tours over the years ctv was definitely my favorite
  11. yea that what it sounded like i was listening to etp after the video today in between class and was going to say it almost sounds like its from emptys theme park, nice he was mentioning his voice giving out so thats probably why hes not
  12. anyone know what song it is after pete talks and before volcanos? its a quick clip but i cant pick out the song. any ideas?
  13. does anyone else's maple music order receipt still say order has not been processed yet?
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