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    man. the ataris <i>so long astoria</i> was my childhood
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  1. I wish I could open cans all day, with the can opener being used in my left hand
  2. I'm seeing him 1-3 times by sunday. I'm so pumped. it reminds me of "new mexico song" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33pis-u819w - the first one - for some reason. good music hahaha? I haven't bought arrows of desire yet, just so I could buy it from his merch booth / he'd get the greatest cut, possible
  3. well, I've given up on the western hemisphere there;s so much worth fighting for, worth living for, but it all got preempted by the playoffs "it's all right sooner or later" /21st century living
  4. fuck I missed this? would mg advise me in purchasing equipment, commanding a fee for his time/attention (I assume my musical tastes might exceed in extremes, his, though I'm open to understanding anything reputable), and donate whatever part of that fee he wishes, to Canadian Mental Health Association? I have a bass but I need pedals and a keyboard/amp and a guitar/pedals/amp. is this a silly thing to ask? I had no idea this was going on.
  5. "born to die" kinda reminds me of a middleground between adelle and jill barber I like it and will definitely listen for more
  6. in principle, I think this might be the same idea: why is 12 on my stereo's volume selection, 'wake the neighbours'-loud at 3am, but it's just run of the mill loud during the day? does that mean, it's because everything is cold in the winter, it gets you to a more severe degree of irritation/invasion of comfort-zones?
  7. why is 10c/50f so much more reasonable in april, as opposed to january? during the day as opposed to night? humidity? thank you for your consideration <3
  8. k I need to say this now: typically speaking, Matthew Good singles feel like a single off eminem's encore, for me
  9. I know this isn't the site for it, but let's grow the fuck up as a hueman race can we please IDLE NO MORE and OCCUPY stephen harper with a noose? I'm sure that one day she'll sign autographs in your town
  10. I miss new wave and real intent I came around to appreciating winter, because 2013/14 will be the last I know as a kkkanadian
  11. dead prez INFORMATION AGE album http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33I2rLcKNwE
  12. not the rock if you weren't retarded, what alternatives to Occupy or Idle no More, would you propose?
  13. my opinion, is, that if these pussies (i'm said by the man to be an 8th native, don't take me wrong) really cared, they'd shut the fuck up, start champioing nutrition (not stupid-striking) and fucken hang harper like we all know in our hearts, he has coming i'd be the hangman, should you ever not want that blood on your hands
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