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  1. I don't usually get into instrumental rock, but after seeing Fractal Pattern open for the Constantines/Weakerthans show I was pretty impressed. Local Edmonton group. Fractal Pattern Myspace
  2. Lyrics look pretty solid. Are we done passing these out? If not and someone sent me a link via PM I'd be very grateful. Thanks. If we are done passing these out, then for those who have it: Does it sound like Boy Who Could Explode? That's the only new demo I've heard, is that sound the kind of the vibe for all of these?
  3. Duke101


    Wasn't bad, I didn't mind escaping back to my childhood for an hour and a half. It's not great or anything but it gets the job done. I still preferred the first live action film though.
  4. Definitely my favorite MM album so far, really liking it. Far better than some of the other hyped releases so far.
  5. Did a search for this and couldn't find anything. Anyone else pick up this CD? I'm really into it has a very good feel all the way through it. If anyone hasn't heard it and is in to a kind of mellow "indie" vibe I'd definitely suggest it.
  6. Duke101


    I was pretty underwhelmed with Sin City as well, this movie is much stronger as an actual film. That's just one man's opinion though and the lot of you seem to love Sin City so maybe I'm completely wrong about 300... who knows?!
  7. Arrested Development by all rights got a 2nd lease on life just by getting renewed for a 3rd season. People just weren't into it, obviously shuffling it around constantly didn't help. But you can't force people to watch something they just aren't interested in.
  8. Duke101


    Saw an advanced screening, the visuals are astounding. Movie itself is good but the experience of seeing it is what it's all about. Definitely would recommend to all. (Unless of course you have issues with seeing many many mens bare chests and shoulders)
  9. It's likely it will lead to a better listen this way anyways.
  10. They won't everything's going on huge breaks now...
  11. thanks so much for all the great pictures and the vids, very much appreciated! ;)
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