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  1. I'll get a re-done Carmelina up within a couple of days. I'm also going to record a couple of other acoustic versions, plus Can't Get Shot In The Back just because I love it, even though I think someone else might be doing it.
  2. I could upload them to my personal server and then could PROBABLY manage an online flash playlist like the one Matt has on his site right now, although I've had trouble getting the code figured out. If anyone can point out how to get the code down it'd be hot. I don't think I'd be able to host the Tribute playlist on my own url, though, since it's used for personal band stuff.
  3. Hahaha Matthew Good must have secret powers and is preventing us from touching his sacred catalogue. I'm going to re-record Carmelina, perhaps tonight, and put together some other tune. Maybe a brooding organ version of some up-tempo rocker.
  4. Seeing as I'm in NY I initially got the "You mean Dave Matthews Band?" responses from friends but eventually got it through their thick heads that I was talking about someone else. Now if people haven't heard of him and I say he's my favorite musician they give me a "WHO?" and I say, "Exactly, he's this Canadian guy." I've successfully turned no fewer than 6 people into huge fans, though, and have gotten dozens to at least listen.
  5. See this is really weird and I know I'm sounding like a total Matt Good n00b here but I need to get this straight in my head once and for all or I'll go on thinking the wrong thing until the day I die... So Jenni's song isn't about Matt's wife. I can buy that as a coincidence. Didn't he just split with a woman he'd been with for several years either prior to or during the recording of Audio of Being? And, if so, where's the "Jen, I'll bring them to their knees" part come in during Truffle Pigs? I'll assume that if he met his wife in 2000 that the song could have been written after meeting and being involved with her OR it could also be a coincidence and that he's just picked the name "Jen" as his name for every chick like Springsteen uses "Mary" in every other song even though his wife's Patti but Matt's wife is, actually, Jen. All this time I thought that he had been with his current wife, they'd split, he'd flipped out and written Audio of Being and "Truffle Pigs" and its ilk was about proving his worth to she who left but then they gotten back together. I think the time machine theory is the best explanation.
  6. Thanks. Carmelina needs to be cleaned up and I'm going to get on that. Get some of your original stuff up online somewhere and good luck with your first gig. Tear it up.
  7. Or upload them to www.yousendit.com and post the link here.
  8. So My Out Of Style Is Coming Back was making me want to wretch it sounded so filthy, so here's a very sparse sounding acoustic version of Carmelina: http://s51.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=22K8PT1...H01QEC827BGAIGJ
  9. The people are begging you, man. You'll be like a national hero.
  10. I don't know who any of the people he was talking about are but it still amused me.
  11. I'm getting a disgusting buzzing at the bridge of my guitar. I'll have a rough copy of MOOSICB up tonight, though. Don't you love annoying anagrams?
  12. I was actually thinking that both of those would've worked nicely this tour. Still, I'll take Fated and Life Beyond The Minimum Safe Distance.
  13. Nice tone there and I'm secure enough in my sexuality to say you have a pretty sounding voice.
  14. What other videos did you get from the show? If you managed to get Avalanche and can YouSendIt or something I'll give you a dollar.
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