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  1. I think its gonna be amazing and I am definitely going to the concert
  2. ya it was really good, crowe hasn't had a bad preformance in years that i can remember
  3. it was a pretty good movie but the sex scene was a shame it almost ruined the movie for me
  4. i really liked it because it was really different and you can't say that about alot of movies nowadays
  5. really good soundtrack
  6. fubar, most replay value of any movie
  7. i think its really well done i like when he's in the gym and it switches between matts face and the kids faces
  8. i only really got into matt with white light but then i moved backwards and bought everything and now he's my favourite
  9. when i saw him in 04 he opened with '21 Century Living' and instead of his rants like on the album he used like CNN clips about bush and the war for the verses and it was one of the coolest things i've seen him do live
  10. I think its a toss up between '21st Century Living' and 'Giant'. I think '21st Century Living' to open and 'Giant' as the first song of the encore
  11. i think she's got a great voice
  12. i saw matt at klondike days in edmonton and there was a long time between the end of his regular set and the encore and it seemed like the crowd was kinda dying down but then the 'K-I-C-K A-S-S' kicked in and the crowd went crazy it was wicked
  13. lol easy now i just like the word
  14. she's an ugo and the only good song she has is toxic, one of the best songs in recent memory mind you
  15. i saw them when they came to edmonton back in 02 or 03 and it was amazing but it seems they are only playing bigger places now like vancouver and toronto
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