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  1. i would like to hear pretty much anything from aob played live (fall of the man, tripoli, under the influence) with full band just cuz i never got to see the tour for that album. oh yeah.....and raygun
  2. lotga, raygun, underdogs, beautiful midnight, aob, avalanche, wlrarr, hello time bomb single, in a coma, loser anthems.....i think that's it
  3. while we were hunting rabits....definitely
  4. i definitely think that his best work is not necessarily "radio friendly". of my fairly extensive list of favorite mg songs, the ones that frequent the fm channels around here just aren't at the top......meh, my 2 cents to actually provide input to the poll...... hard to say if that makes matt "underrated"......i think those that appreciate his music appreciate more than any other fans i've seen. once you're hooked, you're hooked. for me, i will listen to his music for years to come and it's not gonna be gathering dust on the old cd rack
  5. definitely fearless for this cat......really great song that i discovered way too late....album actually
  6. I resent that......went both times in wpg, got tipsy, had mediocre seats......i guess i am only half a fan....lol
  7. jerk-stores.......obviously don't know what they're talking about
  8. american history x.....and possibly the boondock saints.....both wicked
  9. justjonny


    i thought matt and melissa did a great job.......but the johnny cash version takes the cake. i get the old shivers up the spine every time i watch that vid.
  10. in a mall....apparitions i think.....maybe a shoe store
  11. I went to both shows in the 'peg. 4th and 5th times I've seen him live respectively. My fav songs were ex-pats and avalanche. He did an amazing job. find some pics here
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