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  1. in winnipeg, he talked a bunch about how he was drunk the night before, but dind't look sick
  2. what would the plot of a halo movie be though?
  3. this film was the inspiration behind a whole art project i took on. one of the few original films ive seen lately
  4. scheurminator

    Mg Demos

    if you can, get ahold of this matt good song from like, 1993 i think. one of my favorites i didn't knew he had until yesterday
  5. coldplay sounds exactly the same live as they do on their cds
  6. i really enjoy their music, but hate how theyre now featured at hmv as a band that you "should" listen too.. i think theyre a band that needs to be discovered, not forced down your throat by a corporation.
  7. matt good is at the top for sure, then probably zeppelin
  8. i went to the junos last year, and was entertained while being in the building, but have no interest watching them on tv
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