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  1. I have an alternate meaning to the song name Buffalo Seven, as the one mentioned above makes little sense. I believe the song name refers to the terrorist cell that was discovered in Buffalo (The Buffalo Six, and later the Buffalo Seven). http://www.pakistan-facts.com/article.php?...6317&mode=print http://www.cnn.com/2003/LAW/04/08/terror.cell/
  2. It always seems these days that good female solo artists are hard to find. what with all the britney's and christina's taking up all the attention. *spits in disgust* So who's your choice for fav female solo artists?!?
  3. I probably wouldnt care all too much, cause id be a rock star! and i wouldnt have to answer to anyone! mwaahah
  4. I loath television, my most hated medium. it's just one big commercial advertisment. it reeks of capitalism. it's not even really interesting either, never has anything on tv ever entertained me more then events in real life. and "reality tv" please people. the standard persons reality doesnt involve being surrounded by cameras every waking moment. there are many more reasons why i hate tv, but im sure no one cares ;)
  5. Amazing movie! what did you think?
  6. -Sort of a protest song- my favorite matt song. of all time! yes even more so then ones i have never heard, or have never been written yet! and as long as im making bold statements, I am your new master! bow down! bow down! (and so on)
  7. .jeffrey.


    My concert experience turned out to be quite good. as i mentioned elsewhere, i got to meet and talk to matt on the tour bus, and got my acoustic guitar signed. good fun that! the concert itself was intense! the Savoy Theatre is a very nice venue, it was a "tame" crowd, but i definitly appreciated that more, it's hard to enjoy good music if your being pushed and shoved for a few hours.
  8. "SATURDAAAAAYYYSSSS!!! Saturdays I'm reminded of.... BOMBS AWAAAAAAAY!!! over our houses when it COULD have been SHOULD have beeeeeen Dovess" I agree that lyrically Blue Skies over Bad Lands & We're So Heavy are some of the best on the album, but the line above just seems so special. Also, let's not forget Buffalo Seven! A hand off the heart One on the wolf until your lambs itch Life lives in the dark But you joke and you kid about the light switch
  9. WORST RADIO STATION OF ALL TIME: 101.5 THE HAWK other then CBC, this is pretty much the only radio station in my area. it is without a doubt the most generic, bland, tasteless peice of shit on the radio waves these days. The Scoop: it plays pop music. all the time. nothing but generic modern pop music. there are no real radio personalities on it, theyre basically just mail order assholes, all of them guilty of using that cheap plastic "radio announcer" voice we are all accustomed to. It is also filled with advertisings every few minutes. none of the radio personalities ever seem to have the wisdom to tell you what songs they actually play, so just by chance you do catch a song you like, you will probably never know what it is. *grinds teeth*
  10. Miles Davis.... *drools* sweet sweet Kind of Blue. one of the greatest albums of all time. i wish i could play jazz, im learning music theory here and there, and modal when i can.. it's difficult stuff tho!
  11. I agree that simple plan is the worst band among the ones mentioned, however it is painfully obvious that they all suck. Actually.. i voted for sp mainly because i cant say ive ever had the "pleasure" of listening to this good charlotte band, i will trust you all that it is terrible tho. It seems i stopped watching TV at precisely the right time.
  12. Anyone ever hear of Wintersleep? Simply amazing band, one of my favorites out there today (second only to Matt Good i suppose! ;)) These guys are from Halifax i believe, i saw them play at UCCB a few weeks back, simply incredible. go to there site and give these guys a listen (you get redirect, and you need realplayer i think) http://www.wintersleep.com Worth the listen! EDIT-Also, Kary is another band well worth a listen (they have sort of a Tool style to them). Kary however is sadly dead, but luckily all is not in vain, as several members of Kary have formed Wintersleep!
  13. I Know! the best part is playing FF1 with The Black Mages blaring in the background! totally epic!
  14. A new song.... lovely!
  15. Hah.. thanks for the welcome. I'll have you know it had nothing to do with luck! I harrased the people at the Savoy Theatre everyday leading up till the concert, to make sure they understood that i wanted to get my guitar signed and meet the fella. Ohhh the wonders of fanaticism!
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