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    I enjoy music, misanthropy, laughing at religion, and plotting world domination.
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    "And I knew this pretty girl once; she was eighteen... maybe. What's a year or two? And one day when she asked me if I loved her, I said: "Baby, what's it worth to you?"" -- Lyle Lovett, 'Creeps Like Me'
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    Champions Of Nothing
  1. My family buys all of our gifts mid-November, save maybe a few stocking stuffers.
  2. Agreed. Even his name is the lamest there is.
  3. I want things to not be so depressing.
  4. No Country For Old Men. I rather liked it, but you have to have a certain perspective of the movie, that it's more of a metaphor than a thriller. Otherwise the ending would piss you off.
  5. What works best for me is listening to E-Bow The Letter (by R.E.M.) really loudly.
  6. Well, we got the food, the drugs, the violence, this is a Matt Good fansite, so I guess we have the rock n' roll... now we just need the sex.
  7. I'm sure if the day was longer we'd spend the extra time working. Sadly.
  8. Spider-Man 3... 'twas not worth the rental.
  9. It's hard to say, but LOTGA is a little better to my ear.
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