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  1. Row K, off to the left side. CSBs > Edirol R-09hr. As for sound quality, ya'll can check it out for yourselves. FLACs, archived MP3s and a streaming sample are all available now at http://blog.haterhigh.com
  2. I recorded last night's show. Should have it online soon. Thanks for the setlist, likeadeadstar. Will help me track the songs quickly. ;)
  3. $5 for the whole lot, shipping included.
  4. Switch to Passive Mode, or set it up to run in Active.
  5. I still highly doubt it's going to happen.
  6. If this actually happens, I'll have one extra ticket to get rid of. However, I will be taping, so you can't be a screamer. E-mail me at info [at] rawkpaperscissors [dotdiggity] com .
  7. I have three tickets, but only one of them belongs to me. The other in Pintowax's, and another is my roommates. I wouldn't be surprised if they all opened up after May 8th.
  8. can I have your tickets then? ;) If it's rescheduled to after May 8th, I'll sell my ticket for face.
  9. 520-6688 CUSA probably won't know anything until we know something, though. I wouldn't call then until closer to Wednesday.
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