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  1. is there a coherent deciphering of "explode"s lyrics?
  2. that song was written a long time prior. At least the first verse, and i'm relatively sure he just tried to finish the song and may have even forgot the original meaning. Check out his second anniversary manifesto where he includes a bunch of pseudo-poetry, including the first verse "of some song [he] wrote a long time ago" that he kept because he liked the last couple of lines.
  3. when I interviewed Matt after HM was released, he told me (like it was written on his site) that it was his last album with Universal and when spoke of what was next, he said, "My first two records were independent, so I've already done that before. Now I'm kinda in the position where I can just sit back and wait to see what happens, and that's pretty much what I intend to do".
  4. any ideas on the price of the vinyl? what was avalanche when it came out? it'd better not be 40$
  5. that'd be nice, especially since i'm currently writing an article on the promoter, which means he's giving me press passes to the show. DAMMIT!
  6. dammit being on a thursday in the summer. and me not being back until august. except for tonight, when i'm driving there for work. matt should play there tonight.
  7. i'm just outside of toronto, but that would be badass
  8. it's good, but there's a serious lull in the middle. i'm set up to interview death cab either before or the day of their toronto show. so that'll be cool. i also have to do stars and young galaxy that day, so that will be frustrating. hard to enjoy the day when you're working.
  9. damn, i was intrigued by how this would sound, knowing that nothing he's done of late has been acoustic. new verse sounds cool, but the solo sounds frightening.
  10. the Tracy Fragments not sure what to think yet
  11. if you're an interpol fan (and really, why wouldn't you be?), this guy took "c'mere" in the most gorgeous direction i've ever heard. http://youtube.com/watch?v=jSx8tT2GTE4 also, do string quartet tributes count as covers? if so, those are pretty fucking serene.
  12. you're right, i didn't listen much to it. i will admit to loving marching bands, but the rest never hit me and it got removed from my player pretty quick.
  13. nothing against him, it doesn't do anything for me
  14. yeah? i'm gonna have to break some teeth. regardless, whatever i'm hearing is still better than plans.
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