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  1. I first heard MGB back in high school....I was watching muchmusic and they played the Indestructible video. A few weeks later my sister purchased the Underdogs cd and I loved it and have purchased every cd since. I would say that I realized I was a true hardcore fan when I had to purchase a second beautiful midnight cd from listening to it so often. In grade 11, I started to go through some really tough shit in life. Mg
  2. My Top 3 songs at this moment are: On Nights Like Tonight Volcanoes Empty's Themepark I cannot get enough of the last song!!
  3. Ok so for my assignment I had to use song lyrics to write a poem and I was going to make a music video with If I was a Tidal Wave playing in the background but I seemed to have lost that song on my computer.....can anyone please share a copy with me or tell me where I can find one....PLEASE!!!
  4. These are all great suggestions.....originally I was torn between: if I was a tidal wave, alert status red, black helicopter, can't get shot, 21st century living, and blue skies so I thought I would ask for some suggestions....not for people to do my homework for me ;) anyways I was leaning more toward 21st cent living since I completely love that song or blue skies and since I can
  5. So I have an assignment where I need to bring in some social action song lyrics to class and I can't decide which is the best MG song for this! Any suggestions would be great.
  6. I have always wondered who killed the old man at the end??? Anyone have any ideas??
  7. Aqualung: Strange and Beautiful I've been watching your world from afar, I've been trying to be where you are, And I've been secretly falling apart, I'll see. To me, you're strange and you're beautiful, You'd be so perfect with me but you just can't see, You turn every head but you don't see me. Aaron U Turn (lili) lili,easy as a kiss we'll find an answer put all your fears back in the shade don't become a ghost without no colour cause you're the best paint life ever made
  8. Yes, I just got it today....Sleeping Sickness is much better than what it was and Gordon Downie sings in it. I also really like Waiting and what makes a man. I find Body in a Box to be a little annoying.
  9. Tickets for the show in kitchener are $36.50 each. Center in the Square is a great place for a concert...it has comfy seats and great sound.
  10. From Matt's Blog Full Band Toronto Show Announced Well kids, I said I
  11. I lost this song when my computer got a virus. Can someone please post it? It would be truly appreciate it :angry:
  12. the first time I met him I was really nervous and just said I was a big fan. This time (with a little moral support) I got to thank him for his music and explained what it meant to me....I also got a picture with him. He is really down to earth....it was obvious I was nervous but he was really great so no worries just go up to the bus and wait your turn.
  13. I can't get this to work for some reason...could someone possibly post Odette and Prime Time Deliverance through sendspace or megaupload. I would really, really like a copy of these songs live.
  14. anyone record this show, or does anyone have odette live....i would love a copy of it
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