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  1. I agree and understand all of your thoughts, my main goal is to create awareness, and in a small way I have done just that. Thank you!
  2. How does I thinking of buying a dog get more replies my posting? Does any one here know anyone with Autism? Will anyone help? Just pass on the link if you can't walk with us or if you can't donate. You all have contacts help us out please. Thank you.
  3. My son Adam has Autism, we are trying to raise funds for Autism Research. The Link: http://www.walknowforautism.org/c.ghKKIUPF...JfOUKqIYLaMVJwE You can help by: 1. Join Our Team and Walk with us! 2. Donate some money to help us reach our Goal! 3. Pass this Email onto someone you know that has been affected by Autism! Thank you for your support! If you would like more info please contact me! [email protected]
  4. This is on the Juno page, I can't say I like it much... I wish i could have got "Coma: Matthew Good 1995
  5. Sorry wasn't trying to be mean. Its just funny, if you read my post about a half song tour, and still think theres gonna be a tour and will it be in the US. LOL
  6. This and many other songs will be played soon!!!! Matt said it himself. He's gonna do a "Half song Tour" for all the songs that just don't work acoustic. I can't wait!!! Think tix will be on sale very soon... or half a ticket....ohh half price yessssssssss
  7. I think this is due to current family circumstances. If you google AbioCor. It is an artificial heart. Didn't he cut his trip short to come home for a family emergencey? So could be someone is in need of a new heart? I dunno what do you think. ps... I know i can't spell and its because the internet has made me lazy.
  9. JJEC

    Too Funny

    So we can talk about Matts music,what we like don't like and what we would change or like to hear and pick apart "his art" but his personal life is out. Being famous must suck.
  10. i just listened to the two that were linked on prev. page. all i have to say... is wow great job...Jeremy wilson's sounds great !!! I am so jealous that you guys can do that i wish i could play...i own a guitar ... but it doesn't do what you people can make it do very nice you should all be proud
  11. how bout..."someone around the world would love to have my first world problems" ...dealers choice put it where you wish
  12. cause if he said other things the song might sound stupid and might not make sense???i dunno.... Fetish??? Listen too the songs mannnnnnnn and you shouldn't have these questions
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