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  1. I'll try to figure out whats wrong soon...
  2. Is there a problem with Day in the Life Part 2? It shows up fine on mine...? I would recommend you use a site like clipconvertor.cc to save them.... the files individually are each like huge because my encoder records them into giant MPG files. I think the audio of being one was something stupid like 8gbs. So I hope thats ok. UMG did block the content in some countries though.
  3. I was going through a bunch of my old VHS tapes and I found a bunch of old MGB specials from MuchMusic. I have converted them digitally to my computer and am starting to upload them to youtube to share with everyone here. I'm hoping to have them all up by the end of the weekend. I don't know if this violates any kind of copyright from Muchmusic or anything, so I would highly recommend that you download them if you can (I use a site called clipconverter.cc to save videos that I fear I will never find again). The quality isn't great on a lot of them, but since I haven't found other copies, I think they can be appreciated :) I will be uploading the following: MuchWest presents the making of "Audio of Being" (currently uploading and Youtube says it will take 1100 more minutes). MuchWest presents "A Day in the Life of the Matthew Good Band" (2 parts) Matthew Good Band @ Snow Job 1999 Gonna Meet a Rockstar with Matthew Good Band Matthew Good Band at Edgefest 2000 (Interview with Rachel Perry) Big Sound feat. Matthew Good (some really bad Global TV show, but MG is pretty funny in it) Maybe consider subscribing (will note I don't have the monetized settings on youtube, not doing this for cash, haha) but as I go through the rest of my VHS's I'm sure I will find more MGB/MG specials. I;m pretty sure I have a bunch of "Spotlights" and interviews recorded that I will still come across and keep uploading - but I am far too lazy to keep posting an update on here everytime I put up somethng new. :P couldve waited until they were all done, but I figured there are some that would be eager to see the MuchWest special. Enjoy! :)
  4. I was actually at that show. That set list is right, but they did play all of Shallow's Low, so maybe thats a typo or an inside joke or something. They didn't play Giant. I thought it sounded pretty good but you did see the band members looking at each other here and there, so even though I thought it sounded great I am pretty sure something wasn't right in their ears. New guitar player is AWESOME, he just looks like he is having so much fun up there, and the new songs adapted very well considering how little guitar is on many of them on the album. Zero Orchestra was a definite highlight, and so was Hornets.
  5. I my external hard drive, housing my 15 years of MGB/MG rarities and bsides has been lost! So I am going to scower the internet trying to recover them, but I am sure there are tonnes of songs I can't remember. Is there anyone with a complete list of MGB/MG bsides and rarities that they could email me? I would forever be in your debt!
  6. I'm a terrible guitarist that would love to play this song. Does anyone have a tab for it? I think I have searched this whole board! thanks.
  7. I have an extra ticket for tonights show at Massey Hall, Left Balcony Aisle 12, Row F. If anyone is interested, please text me at 705 929 6968. Thanks!
  8. I thought it was a good setlist. I thought Black Helicopter was the best live track from the last tour, so I'm glad its back. Ofcourse I have to agree that it is really short. I've been to quite a few MG shows and I don't think I've ever been to one that had only 14 songs? Maybe it was just because it was the first night? Workin' out the bugs? Would've been nice to see a couple of the other albums represented like WLRRR, but I thought overall it seemed like a pretty high energy setlist. We all know he's gotta play LMU, Apparitions and HTB though. We should just enjoy the latest incarnations ;)
  9. Apparently there is a presale thursday... anyone know how to get in on that?
  10. Ya, I managed to get tickets for the North Bay one, but Sudbury wanted a Student Card... for the school I dont go to ;)
  11. Anyone else upset this thing is closed campus? I would love to hear if anyone got in and what Matt played!
  12. No kidding man! I have been waiting like 8 years for him to come to Sudbury and because I am from LU I can't get in.... or can I... muahahahahaha.... well not yet, but I'll find a way.
  13. I keep hearing a rumour that MG is playing at the wall in North Bay the first week of October, is this true? anyone else hear anything or know of how to get tickets?
  14. Does anyone know what the sampled voices are saying during the opening of "Champions of Nothing." the part that goes: "I hate you" and then there is something I can't make out and then "Love is a strong word" ? Thanks!
  15. I disagree. I think there are a lot of songs that have very unique arrangements. It's like he as explored avenues he hasn't been down. Matt's no superstar at the guitar, but he is a superstar when it comes to writing songs.
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