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  1. It's Kind of a Funny Story I really enjoyed it.
  2. I doubt it will come to that, and if it did, we'd be back at the polls in no time. There are a lot of Harper haters out there.
  3. The guy hangs around here more than most people, I don't see the problem.
  4. I was 15 too. It was alright. I can't remember having the talk with my parents, but I might have? Couldn't tell you.
  5. This show has been redeeming itself this season.
  6. No, I haven't used it. I've always considered utilizing those type of sites, but I've never found the time
  7. You'd be better of with something tan color so it doesn't show through the outfit.
  8. I actually take this back. This thread inspired me to listen to him today. It's not really that his music is too dark, it just generally reminds me of a darker time in my life. I enjoyed it today though ;)
  9. Hi sounds is a bit too dark for my tastes now. Once in a while I might listen to a few songs for nostalgic reasons, but that's about it.
  10. Glad to know you're still kicking Shiri!
  11. My boyfriend and I got a bunch of chocolate bunnies from my parents, grandparents and his parents… I keep telling my family that I have no desire for that much sugar, but they must be holding on to my childhood or something. My 27 year old brother and his wife got the same treatment. Oh, also, while we were playing lazer tag Easter evening, a friend of mine got T-boned at an intersection (her boyfriend was playing with us when she called in a panic). Someone ran a red light. The impact ended up just behind her seat, so she was generally OK, but it's still pretty fucked.
  12. Ditto. Also, I still procrastinate more than I'd like to.
  13. I have very little interest in the iPad. Why would I want something that's bulkier than my iPhone and less useful that my MacBook Pro? Seems useless to me. I agree with the"underwhelming" comment.
  14. Thanks Shade. A few more that could have been on my list: Maps and Atlases Q and not U Sleeping People
  15. A lot of H1N1 symptoms are very similar to the regular flu. I find it odd that it's being compared with the common cold here
  16. Currently, in no particular order: Radiohead Do Make Say Think Crystal Castles Aphex Twin L'Embuscade Justice Morse Code Alphabet Calvin Harris (because it's hilarious) Holy Fuck Bloc Party
  17. Any moron who goes to work with something contagious like this deserves to lose their job IMO, it's pretty irresponsible and puts the employer in a bad position since other workers could fall ill.
  18. I can dig Schwab. I'm pretty sure Shade is a joke because he has nothing better to do than create threads like this
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