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  1. dude, I know enough about NASCAR to know about Dale Earnhardt? Yeah, Dale Earnhardt (jr. or sr.) is NASCAR. And they suck. I know about NASCAR because i live in America, and i know about Dale Earnhardt because of that. Knowing about NASCAR apart from either Earnhardt seems strange... and thanking either one of them in your album seems even stranger...
  2. ok. so i was loaded tonight. trying to pack up to move home after graduating college. and i was listening to MG after i got back from the bar. Picked up In a Coma and read through it... In the "Thank you's" there is a thank you to Dale Earnhardt Jr. ... what's the deal? NASCAR sucks. I know NASCAR is (unfortunately) the largest spectator sport in the US but it's really really gay. Why does Matt thank Dale Earnhardt Jr.? ... if anything he should thank Dale Earnhardt Sr. for dying and proving how pointless NASCAR really is. Ooops, out of bounds? Oh well. He's from Canada and he's thanking a NASCAR driver over a hockey player?!? Please, please tell me that's a joke. ;)
  3. might as well go... Europe is fun. I had a good time while i was over there, but i realized that i missed friends and family - and home. If you don't have any of those things then you might LOVE Europe. I liked it alot but wouldn't want to stay for more than a few months at a time. Might as well have a great time too (smoke your brains out/ do whatever else you want). Just keep in mind, when u get back.. that piece of PAPER is important (unfortunately). But college can be fun too... Graduating in 2 weeks ;)


    hahaha, those damn people had to go and die and ruin the MGB concert. Also, what's with people giving away organs to see MGB reunite? - Avalanche was AWESOME. ... I MIGHT give a fingernail for a reunion EDIT: although i guess legs aren't organs. Nevertheless, my point stands
  5. Sure, why not. It was decent... all the other movies it was up against were mediocre or sucked (even though i haven't seen any of them)... BUT REALLY, Batman Begins was fuckin SWEEEEEEEEET. wish that won
  6. Dude, not enough people liked Enterprise. They would never do a movie. Since that franchise is struggling, I think that Star Trek XI should just be a venture into pornography, thus combining two of my dirty secrets.
  7. Pony Boy - cause it rocks like an earthquake
  8. "dreams of the sea caught way inland - caught waaay inland."
  9. I voted for Going All the Way, but that might just be because i'm listening to it right now and am in a good mood. Just took my last test in college - EVER!
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