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  1. 20mg paxil is pink, if i'm not mistaken. I haven't posted in ages, but i feel the need to do so here. Anti-depressants DO work. It's just a fact that when a pill you take blocks the re-uptake of seratonin (the brain's happy drug), there's more seratonin in the system, and thus more positive affect (happiness). The problem with prescribing these drugs is that no one can pinpoint what the exact problem is, so it takes trial and error to figure out which drug can do the most good. For all those that said they were on the drugs for a short period of time and went through hell, it should be noted that the effects are not immediate. In most cases it takes 2-4 weeks for full effect to be noticed, so i don't think its fair to place a stigma on them if you haven't given them a fair chance. However, i don't condone doctors who just amp up the dosage if it isn't working. that's just wrong. obviously, something that modern medicine doesn't understand is interfering in the system, and a new approach should be tried. Also, exercise, psychotherapy and diet have huge effects on how a person feels, so obviously the free methods should be tried first. However, research shows that in people with similar depression, drugs and exercise are more effective than one or the other. As for addiction to anti-depressants, i personally believe that it is just like any other mild drug (i.e. nicotine, pot, whatever else like that), kicking it is just as much (or more) psychological than physical. The mind is powerful, and a person's belief that they NEED the drug, or the perception that they will have withdrawal only serves to increase their symptoms. There we go, my 2 cents (actually wait, thats pretty long, might be more like 10 cents).
  2. apparitions sort of a protest song fated tripoli weapon
  3. i have an xbox 360, and the stories of problems are WAY out of proportion, i don't know anyone who's had a problem with theirs. plus, it's sweet.
  4. Mr.Domino


    dirty bastards... i don't want that crap on my computer - i hope they get SLAMMED.
  5. word, thats a neat little guitar lick he does in there.
  6. i think both oh be joyful and big city life deserve single status, i like both a whole bunch
  7. original version = waaaaaaaaay better. its more diverse i think
  8. fated suburbia weapon prime time deliverance while we were hunting rabbits
  9. blue skies over badlands workers sing a song of mass production running for home near fantastica
  10. strange days running for home workers sing a song of mass production near fantastica
  11. 1. she's got a new disguise 2. everything is automatic 3. symbolistic white walls
  12. 1. pledge of allegiance 2. near fantastica 3. workers sing a song of mass production 4. running for home
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