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  1. Does anyone know if Dan Brown is working on another novel and if so, when it's due out?
  2. What's everyone got planned for the summer? Anything cool?
  3. I'm working my way through the list. Want to read them all, even though I totally disagree with some of what was put on the list and what was left off. Great Gatsby should be number one. Who even reads Ulysses?
  4. Office Space. I've probably watched it a hundred times and still find it as funny if not funnier than the first time I watched it. It is an all-time classic. The casting was just perfect.
  5. The Oilers better win. I hate the 'Canes. Not just because they beat my Sabres, but because they were arrogrant, cocky pricks doing it. Champagne in the locker rooms in the middle of what they thought would be their victory game, but we ended up winning that one. They suck!
  6. It's a toss up between Starbucks and Burger King. Love the Geico caveman commercials too.
  7. Had tickets to see them in both Montreal and Toronto but the shows were cancelled!!! ;) Anyone else have the same problem?
  8. It's nice that they finally mixed it up and picked a blonde. I think he'll turn out to be a good Bond in the end. People just need to see him in the movie playing the part first.
  9. Has anyone received an email back from Matt ever? I emailed him on his Website last year and actually had some back and forth emailing with him. I was shocked that he took the time to respond to fans like that. Very cool!
  10. Is anyone out there a fan? I am just sick over the fact that the new CW network is not picking it up for a fifth season. The most beautifully written show to come around in years with the most incredible cast of actors. But instead we get the 3000000th season of Seven Heaven and another dose of the sleave that is Girlfriends. You won't find me watching the new network.
  11. Katie Heigl is actually a family friend and no, she's definitely not leaving the show! That's all I was able to get out of her. As far as specific plot details, they are all under strict non-disclosure contracts.
  12. Good riddance to him! The news reports are now saying that he was alive initially after the bombings. Wonder what was going through his head when he realized the game was up and that he had a one-way ticket to hell?
  13. If it's not Matt Good, I have to say that Rob Thomas' new solo CD is my workout music of choice. It just pumps and keeps you going. Love it!
  14. Yeah, I'm surprised not one person mentioned him. Come on!!!
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