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  1. Little Terror live in 2004 was really great live! It's a good foot stomping song.
  2. I have quite a few vinyls and don't have a record player. Just supporting the artists. It's also nice to have certain vinyls that become rare.
  3. Such an amazing song, I love it!
  4. Workers sing a song was amazing. Saw it the very first and second time Matt played it. Awesome
  5. I have seen Near Fantastica live twice. Also in 2003 we walked into the venue in Lloydminster to hear Matt and the band doing the soundcheck playing While We Were Hunting Rabbits. As far as I know that song has never been played.
  6. Love it. Saw it live in the 2007 acoustic tour, sooo great!
  7. The Boy Come Home, I love that song. No one seems to talk about it that much.
  8. Sad to say I've only been a fan since 2001. But I have seen Matt every year since 2003 which is great. Drove to 7 shows during the acoustic tour of 2007 which was very fun! (alot of driving though, about 4000 km total for 7 shows!)
  9. Hey everybody! I am just curious to see how many times people have seen Matt live. I'll go first - 17 times. November 21 in Winnipeg will be #18! Can't wait.
  10. I totally agree with the first post. It is a "music" concert, it is about the music!! not about going and talking the whole show. go to a coffee shop. go to a friends house. go to tim hortons and talk. Go to a concert to Watch and Listen! ...... (not talk)
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