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  1. Originally planned on attending the NYC show but Buffalo is now looking like a much safer/healthier option. Hoping to maybe attend a full band show as well, will see what border restrictions look like then.
  2. Even though Buffalo would be slightly closer...I don't get to NYC very often, might be a good excuse to visit!
  3. This is awesome, thanks for sharing!
  4. Unfortunately I'm in the States so visiting a physical record store is challenging....if anyone ever obtains an extra copy I would be willing to purchase/pay for shipping, etc...
  5. I finally broke down and bought a turntable recently. I now find myself looking for Hospital Music, any idea where I can find this for a reasonable price? It's like $120 on Amazon from a 3rd party seller...
  6. Sounds amazing! Thank you for your efforts!!!
  7. Looking forward to the Kingston show as well! Looks like a really interesting venue. If you see a family of 4 there, that's us!
  8. Perhaps an upstate NY date
  9. Yea, my neighbor attended the show. Did you have the Canadian or American version of BM? I picked he album up in Canada before it was released in the states, never bought the American version. That would impact the album "flow" as well.
  10. Utica, NY. I believe it was 2001 and a local radio station had an arena show with the bands Cold, Staind, and Godsmack. After I had purchased tickets the station announced MGB would be playing a club show after, bring your stub from the first show and get in for like $3 or something insanely cheap. We arrived at the after show and waited....and waited...and waited to get in. The club was at capacity and they weren't letting anyone in. Beautiful Midnight had just been released in the states and frankly I was kind of surprised at the turnout. So we sat outside in the cold for a while li
  11. I think the EP vol.1 is pretty good, better than some of their recent releases. I have all their albums with the exception of Heavyweight. Was that album any good?
  12. Yea, I was hoping for the whole album as well. I guess I can understand the casual fan not being super interested in hearing all the songs but wasn't the whole point of the tour to "recreate" the album.
  13. I chuckled when he mentioned nearfantastica.com during the q and a, great show!
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