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  1. Definitely a point, I'm lookin to see if anyone knows how reputable this guy is before I hand over my name/address and such.
  2. http://24bitstereo.googlepages.com/historyteacher.htm Is this for real / has anyone took this guy up on his offer?
  3. I hate to see anyone go through shit, but the art he produces because of said shit means a lot to me.
  4. picturesque was good... "Sixteen Military Wives" definately But there were a handful of tracks that didn't quite have the same grip on me "Eli the Barrowboy" for example Whats the new effort sound like... you got some of examples of songs from picturesue that it predominately sounds like?
  5. I mean Alabama Motel Room is romantic, in that vicious kinda way... And the one line from The Rat Who Would Be King: "And I've a grenade with our names etched on the side But thats just love And baby love is not enough" The way he sings it gives it some pretty sick emotion. It's Been a While Since I Was Your Man is one of his few love related song without any vengance in it... at least as far as I can hear.
  6. yea... song for a girl is definately one of his weakest songs... something like "the rat who would be king", or any other song with some balls or meaning that wasn't as popular woulda made my day
  7. Where'd you hear about this new tour... you have a link? and/or you know if hes commin to the states?
  8. i had no idea that he was getting divorced till i read this post... that blows for him, but def should inspire him to write some solid shit.... which is good for me (us)
  9. I would like to turn some more people on to his music, because it does suck when people ask you who your favorite artist is and they havent the slightest idea. but I appreciate not having his music played out on the radio.... and the off chance I do hear something of his it definately stops me in my tracks anyway bland is a miserable way to describe his new stuff. its like what radiohead did, went from rock to a more ambient/electronic basis for songs.
  10. omissions is awesome..... but sww is one of those awesome songs with a little more dark edge... like alabama motel room, also off ltga
  11. the album is gonna have a couple other good singles definately.... nothing as big as crazy tho. but keep in mind, gnarls barkley is just a moniker for cee-lo and danger mouse combining forces.... so its not like they havent had hits solo in the past
  12. peeping tom - peeping tom Its a new Mike Patton [Faith No More, Fantomas, Mr. Bungle] project which is much more accessable that most of his other non-FNM work. Its supposedly how he envisions pop music should be. If you like any of his other stuff, you'll love this album. Its got his distinctive sound, but with more of a rap/ electronic pop feel than his usual sonic attacks. The first work of his I can play with friends who are into more mainstream music without a barrage of complaints. I def suggest it.
  13. It would be cool to at least have a web interface where all of the random videos [interviews, rants, making of, etc..] of mg are compiled
  14. it was because of me accientally downloading the war is over / omissions, that i got into matthew good several years ago, and completely changed my musical taste.... so my votes pretty obvious
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