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  1. the Graduate, Fargo, Clockwork Orange, American Beauty, Edward Scissorhands......
  2. HAHHA oh Blue Rodeo.. I like them i am actually family friends with them. My mom's friend, Rena married Jim Cuddy... i go up to his farm every year... It's a lot of fun
  3. i used to go to golf camp.. i enjoyed it.. i am also a nerd though
  4. jean_a


    My cousins are exactly the same. They are 9 and 13 and my aunt treats them like they're God's gift to the world... when in reality they're little hell raisers.. I love my family.. i swear But consider myself i a pretty good kid... so do my parents.. i think.. so when i skrew up by lets say coming home at 6:30 in the morning i get in a lot of trouble.
  5. jean_a


    i went to see one of my favourite musicians in concert and i was invited out for a drink with him after the show ... i couldnt say no hahh such a girly thing to get grounded for
  6. jean_a


    oh man its quite an amazing story.. but to make a long story short i came home at like 6:30 in the morning
  7. jean_a


    hahaha i dunno i guess i will have to wait and see until i actually have kids... stupid men ruin it for girls
  8. jean_a


    hahah.. see girls dont have that luxury... i got in so much shit everytime i got caught drinking.. when my brother did it was never a big deal. doesn't seem fair now does it? ;)
  9. jean_a


    wow i am super jealous.. because it sucks and its true.... parents are way more protective of girls
  10. jean_a


    Hey! So i have been grounded for the last month and i am starting to go crazy???? I started writing on this bored around the same time because literally i have nothing else to do.. has anyone else ever been in this situation. Because seriously it sucks.. i need new things to do.
  11. I strongly dislike this song... and i am the only one out of everyone i know who dislikes dallas green.. i am so glad there are other people out there who agree with me.
  12. Hey, this for all those guitar players out there. What are your favourite Matt Good songs to play on guitar. I just learned "the fine art of falling apart", "prime time deliverance" and "tripoli". I can't stop playing them. Any other MG songs that are fun to play???
  13. I watch it for the same reason. Its all about the characters. Thats why its soo good. I also have a huge crush on Hugh Laurie. It definitely my favourite show on TV right now. I actually just finished watching it.
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