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  1. I totally agree. I love how the DLC can be moved over and how the original disc music is the same. The DLC every week is key, as well.
  2. You, Me and Dupree. I didn't mind it too much.
  3. Gridiron Gang. The one movie that Dwayne Johnson showed he can actually act.
  4. Only the 3rd time? Things We Lost In The Fire. Fantastic movie.
  5. Great show. Those two are hilarious. Always fun to watch.
  6. I've heard and read a lot of different opinions on The Clone Wars, mostly poor ones though. Unfortunate. I just finished watching Reign Over Me. Not bad. I just like Don Cheadle.
  7. Looks like an awesome set list. Sounds like an amazing show.
  8. I don't see how voting Green is a waste. They gain funding and recognition with each vote. Plus, they have better ideas than all of these bum parties. Harper will most likely be re-elected, but not the majority he desires. The Liberals will also probably take away a few seats from the Conservatives.
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