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  1. I know Matthew Good is from Vancouver..but seriously, whats with the Vancouver shows getting 18/19 song set list while every other city on the tour averaged at around a 14 song set list..
  2. Here is the Hamilton setlist (please correct if order is wrong). Highlights for me were While We Were Hunting Rabbits (Piano Version), Zero Orchestra and Non-Populus. Also when Matt told a guy who yelled "shut up and play the guitar" to pretty much go home and listen to the album if he didn't like his banter. 1. While We Were Hunting Rabbits (Piano Version)- biggest hightlight for sure! 2. Lights of Endangered Species 3. The Boy Who Could Explode 4. Born Losers 5. What if I don’t see the stars Mildred? 6. Load Me up 7. Zero Orchestra 8. The Future is X-Rated 9. Non-Populu
  3. Ideal setlist based on Matthew Good's song list would look somthing like this. I also took into consideration some songs that : 1. Seem to be over played on most sets like apparations and 2. songs that I have heard too much on his tours like avalanche. The songs are also in the order I would like to see them played ... 1. Set Me on Fire 2. The Boy Who Could Explode 3. Alert Status Red 4. Hello Time Bomb 5. Zero Orchestra 6. Silent Army in the Trees 7. Born Losers 8. Volcanoes 9. Non Populus 10. The Future is X- Rated 11. Weapon 12. How it Goes 13. Bright End of Nowhe
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