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  1. FUCK YEAH. It's impossibru to really cut it down to five... I'll cheat and go by franchise: Final Fantasy Metal Gear Super Smash Brothers (Just TRY and stop my N64 Link, GC Marth, Wii Olimar!) Super Mario Brothers Marvel VS Capcom Nerd time. FFX is arguably an incredible game, though I understand how many aspects are unappealing. The sphere grid is a decent system in my opinion, but I agree that Blitzball is pretty suck. FFXII should be given another chance though. Again, I agree that it does come off rather bland, the game itself is quite good, and it does become slightly story intensive. The game improves ten-fold if you have the Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac Job System version(unfortunately PAL only), which has a forced job classes. Also, if you're a fan of the Final Fantasy: Tactics game(s), they take place in the same world, making the story a bit more interesting to follow. FFXIII on the other hand, is absolute garbage. Along with games like Crisis Core and Dirge of Cerberus, It only corroborates my theory that the franchise is progressively losing quality; They will never be able to create games like they used to, especially when comparing their new production line to that of pre-Enix Square. While Dirge of Cerberus was unadulterated shit, Crisis Core's final mission and it's most difficult enemy, the optional boss Minerva, almost make the game worth the play. Mostly still shit though. FF: Dissidia on the other hand, not unlike Ehrgeiz(A similar Squaresoft arcade fighter), is an decently enjoyable side game. I think it's the only tolerable cash-cow spin off from the RPG genre they've made a name for. The others were obviously shit games by shit writers, developed and released simply to keep the name 'Final Fantasy' on the shelf and make a few $$$ on the side.
  2. Just watched Face/Off. I'm still recovering.
  3. Owen: Indeed. I've yet to construct something there, though I hope to soon.. I watched a few games at a local game shop, and they seem fun though almost too lengthy, especially if you're playing more than 4 people. sodamntired: Dunno what I'm most proud of really... Maybe becoming the youngest to make General Manager at the chain Cafe Artigiano that I worked at, at 21. Since I don't know how to answer the second question exactly, I will simple say that that's the from the only tolerable Batman movie, pre-Begins that is. Have you ever become something that you thought you hate? Example; condemning smokers, then becoming one? or hating raw fish, then discovering and loving sushi?
  4. EDIT: woops, 8/10? I haven't seen that since I was in middle school, though I remember liking it... Game of Thrones
  5. Dunno how to answer that, since it's actually Holland Oats, his first and last name. Duh. Randomly chosen is acceptable: Legacy, Extended, Standard, or Commander?
  6. Whoahh. I recently moved to Australia and have no video games. Before I left though I was at Demon Souls, Chrono Cross, and Final Fantasy V. Yes you must. And FF8 was had my FF virginity. So many people hate it but I love it. Also for anyone who likes FF as much as I do, if you've played 10 and haven't already, do a play through and ensure you talk to EVERYONE. The story and characters are revealed in way greater detail; here's so many elements in that game that in a general play are simply not revealed, but hold high value to the story and discourse. I've got over 400 hours in that shit. Whoah again what am I doing with my life?
  7. Farms of the future? 365 year production of organic vegetation, possible hunger & unemployment solution? Destruction of independent farms & putting vegetable/fruit distribution in the hands of larger, possibly more controlling, corporations? Discuss?
  8. Boondock Saints is probably one of my favorite comedies ever! I watched Diving Bell and Butterfly a few hours back, I liked it a lot. If your thing is slower paced dramatic movies this is for you. The scenes with the father are actually quite touching.
  9. I always here people raving about the blue Fanta... And where is this Moderne Burger? I love a good lounge.. And burger for that matter! Speaking of burgers, last thing I ate was a burger from Vera's. Damn gooood stuff.
  10. awesome, guess I have to make some new friends...
  11. Cafe Artigiano makes arguably the best espresso related drinks in Vancouver, or ever for that matter. They don't have the atmosphere though. It seems like a crowded restaurant, with no lounging available, and it's never quiet. The Baristas are way less snobby there as well, which is always a plus. Now I'm really craving some espresso...
  12. Vocals aren't soo bad.. If they were polished it'd probably sound great. Without the vocals the melody is great, even without the drums; It'd make a cool intro song, fading in and out, lasting no more than 1 to 2 minutes.
  13. I've printed off the map. I'm going in.... WISH ME LUCK.
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