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  1. Wow, it's so strange to hear that so many people here dislike the new album. Maybe I was misled into thinking fans of Matt's would be posting here -obviously not everyone is. Some people don't grow up along with the artists, I guess. P.S.After listening to the album only once, I don't think you could possibly understand the album. Give it another shot.
  2. I agree with the people who posted that it takes a while for songs to become favorites, and favorites change depending on one's mood or events currently happening in his/her life. Champions of Nothing ranks as one of my favorite songs, as does Born Losers, Metal Airplanes, I'm a Window, Black Helicopter, She's in it for the Money. That's a lot of favorites off of one album. I have just recently been through the end of a long-term relationship, and there's nothing better to heal a broken heart than some honest Matt Good music. P.S. I've notice a lot of very negative posts about the new
  3. I think Black Helicopter is a very strong song, that sounds amazing and would do well on radio.
  4. I enjoyed Matt's latest blog. It's very honest, very raw, and I can see how some people would dislike the post for that. But, people, this is the real Matt. He's not just an artist, he's a real person with ups and downs, and flaws, even if his music is so perfect in many ways. I think we fans are priviledged to get these personal insights and it should help you see him more as a normal, real person, instead of just a musical artist. It's his brilliant mind, afterall, that creates the music we love, and for Matt to give us brief insights into the workings of his mind is an honour.
  5. Most of Matt's songs have that effect on me, but I agree with most of the one's that have been posted so far, such as Prime Time Deliverance " headlight morning glow", as well as the lines " wearing a pink bunny suit, sour cherry red lipstick, hanging from the closet doors". Pretty much the whole song of "Avalanche" gives me goosebumps. Although I've listened to it a million times, it still continues to have that effect and that's something that makes Matt stand out: his songwriting, the emotion in his voice, and the instruments he chooses to accompany him -so incredible.
  6. Matt's definitely a tease. Sure got me excited about the new album!
  7. It's been said before, but the videos for both songs are outstanding. I can't think of or listen to either song without thinking of the videos. These days music videos can be so forgetful, but the videos for Strange Days and Apparitions have meaning and purpose. I did pick Strange Days; not sure I can put into words why. Maybe because it wasn't overplayed as much. I think I like the images in Strange Days better - "you crawled from the cancer to land on your feet", "we're done lying for a living" -amazingly poetic, and thought-provoking. I think I understand the song better than Apparitions.
  8. Symbolistic White Walls -it's challenging for me vocally, but oh, so good :-)
  9. How about less fighting and more discussion of the topic at hand. I'm excited to hear Matt's new stuff. I think the past year has forced Matt to re-consider who he really is and this will show in his new music. I think the new stuff is gonna be amazing -filled with a lot of emotion.
  10. As a Yoga Fit instructor, I'm always looking for great music. I've managed to sneak some of Matt's songs on my Yoga CD's (ie. Running for Home, Man from Harold Wood), but if anyone knows of any places I can get instrumental versions of Matt's songs, I'd be so happy.
  11. Selina

    Matts Ring

    I realize it's a bit selfish, but I too would like Matt to stay in Vancouver, and always be close by, that way he'd definitely play shows in the area. But, I think some really incredible music and writing is gonna come out of his new journey. I do hope he finds his way back to Canada in the end, though.
  12. Selina

    Matts Ring

    I believe, Jen and Matt have been apart or having problems since March or so. Hence Matt's health issues on the spring acoustic tour and some of the cancelled shows. Matt mentioned on his blog about the divorce settlement which took place at the end of July. If you go and read back a few weeks on Matt's blog you should get caught up. He's been very honest and open about the whole ordeal.
  13. Even though he may not have a new record out yet, I think there is still plenty of songs to choose from that the public isn't really aware of. I'm all for promoting Matt right now in any way we can. Even if you only take the time to request one MG song a day for a radio station, that one song may open the eyes of someone to investigate Matt Good and that will without a doubt lead to a new fan.
  14. Haven't slept in years wins my vote. I love to sing along to it. I think it's one of Matt's catchiest tunes.
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