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  1. There are few people around this place that have stood the test of time the way he did. I think those of us who have been around for a long time can remember at least one interaction with him. I remember being frustrated by how he would always create new threads. But he had character, he was tenacious. He used this place to share a lot of things about his life. Sitting here now, I wish I had known him better. Peace
  2. I had to annoy Maple Music to get my download link (which came with the pre-order)...
  3. I'm not sure why Matt gets the kind of response he does. It's a little confusing to me. I've been that interested in seeing many smaller acts play so I can't really talk about the atmosphere in those shows. Certainly when I've seen Matt play in the Bay Area the crowd has been kind of a weird mix. There are lots of people who don't know the artist and lots of die hard fans. Back in Canada I used to suspect that there were a lot of hold overs from the MGB days... at this point that doesn't make that much sense. It's unreasonable to go to a show and expect to hear music that the artist wrote and
  4. I have mine... so you should email somebody over there. The definitely went out a while ago.
  5. It doesn't sound like any think in particular to me (assuming you are talking about the live road from Calgary)... Maybe it is?
  6. Everybody knows that the acoustics in Saskatchewan suck. With nothing for the sound to bounce off it's like an anechoic chamber. :D
  7. I got my vinyl too. Like all the other vinyl I own it will sit on my shelf looking awesome. I have no capacity to play it.
  8. So much hate for "Us Remains Impossible"... I'm not sure why I like that song as much as I do.
  9. Copying at 1x wouldn't have made any difference... Well, maybe it would have on old drives. Bit errors are pretty low on modern devices. PCM has not built in EC so you can't detect them. I suppose another point making is that you could convert to a lossless format like FLAC now. Since it's lossless you can always convert to any other format for sharing. I'm not even sure that WAVE is really that universal. MP3 is probably more universally accepted (though, lossy).
  10. FLAC is loseless PCM. It, by definition, gets all the "tasty digital info". Anyway, since you are ripping CD's you are sampling at 44.1 and only using 16 bits, which means that audible data was thrown away anyway... 44.1 can only sample frequencies up to 12.5kHz (by Niquist-Shannon) and has a high pass rolloff at 10kHz. A true audio file would insist on at least 48kHz @ 32bit, but more likely 96kHz @ 64 bit (I'm not actually sure what the bit-width measures would really by... a 64bit DAC is pretty rare)
  11. Yeah... so Season 2 was pretty much a soap opera... But that was predictable when the run in was made up news. I kinda like the characters, so I watched it for what it was, and it was marginally enjoyable. The ending seemed like they are probably cancelled but not totally committed to being dead.
  12. I have a friend who wants to get a stalker van and paint "Free Candy" on the side. And then, you know, hand out candy.
  13. There are no animated high-five emoticons, but here is a dancing banana and carrot: :b: :cd:
  14. I listen to a lot of NPR lately... I think that is the sign I've become old.
  15. I think you upped the ante by tweeting it as your own :P I'll give you credit for giving the credit in your next tweet though...
  16. That's usually a nitty gritty BIOS thing... I dunno if you even need to worry about it anymore. Maybe on PC's...
  17. Seems like someone might have been trying to log into your account repeatedly... or you forgot your password... or, someone hacked your account and changed your password...
  18. Yeah, a blue screen where swapping out the RAM fixes the issue is indicative of a memory defect or configuration issue. The computer doesn't have anyway of knowing if DRAM corrupts (well, this is true enough for this discussion), so all computers run on the assumption that anything put in RAM doesn't change accept by normal ways. If data gets corrupted, the system can, and will, try to use what is in that memory blindly. If that means that instead of it getting valid instructions, it gets invalid ones, then it crashes. A memory corruption is only recoverable sometimes (the parameters are kinda
  19. Well... Here is what I am assuming. When the driver sets up, it uses the current IP address of the printer as a static address. I'm making that assumption since the printer works for a while and then stops, which is probably related to how long it takes until random chance gets your printer a different IP. Generally the addresses of you laptops isn't going to matter because the printer isn't aware of then at any time other than when the driver is talking to it. Since re-installing the driver fixes the issue, then I lean more that the issue is going to be with the printer. You can set up the
  20. I lie to myself about who I am and where I am going... I have nothing to add to this thread... that sounded funnier in my head.
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