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  1. I finished inFamous last week... the game was ok, if not having weird combat dynamics. I'm never really happy with open world games that have an overlying plot, either you're open world or you're not...
  2. Seriously you get weirder every time I log on. Are you wanting to play the videos in a DVD player? (you might thing that is self evident, but I have used DVD's to store compressed video just for the extra space)
  3. I'd use the public one on the website... If anybody has any other ones they probably won't share them, and if they do we'll probably have to censor them anyway (guy's entitled to his privacy)
  4. This topic has been closed in response to a user request.
  5. ToadMan


    We have an area of the forum where this kind of post is acceptable... this isn't it, and unfortunately it won't be visible to you until you reach a minimum post requirement (60). ;)
  6. That is true. I was thinking more of one of those one shot solutions designed to remove a specific virus. http://www.symantec.com/norton/security_re...lorer/index.jsp Might be a good place to start if you can figure out what you have. They have removal instructions (which often rely on you having Norton, but you might be able to just insert you're preferred anti-virus program instead).
  7. Yeah... Virus scanners only really work if you keep them running all the time and up-to-date. Otherwise you are basically hooped... That or you can buy a mac... which is only better because there isn't a large enough user base for virus writers to care. (Well that's not totally true, but the debate really belongs in another place). That being said, you might be SOL. You might be-able to find a special purpose removal tool on anti-virus suppliers website (they sometimes do those up).
  8. My middle of the road powerbook G4 is going on 6 years, but it looks like it's now time for it to retire. I use my work laptop for most things these days. I haven't really shopped in the PC market for a number of years. I agree you can get a bunch more power for the same or less in a PC, but you have to give half of it back to windows anyway. I'm sort of a mac fan, so I'm a little bias. That being said, it is my opinion that the product is good. In a laptop you aren't going to be doing that much tweaking anyway, so you don't really lose anything in that department.
  9. Fine I'll lock the thread for you... being all bossy and suck...
  10. If all of the MG fans in TO weren't chumps I would totally meet you all...
  11. Pretty hard for me to count. I first saw him back in 99, touring BM. I didn't miss a single tour until the last one (ironically I was at a job interview and missed my early return flight). I'm catching the end of this tour in TO next weekend on my way home (the long way home) and I'll catch him here in the Bay Area in March. What does that add to? Apparently wiki doesn't have a complete list.
  12. Firstly there is nothing encrypted or unique about the iTunes library. All your files are still in the library directory. When iTunes revs, the db it uses gets updated. You can wipe the db and the older version *might* be able to rebuild it. DMC'd content is another bag of worms, often it can't go backwards. The access to the store isn't governed by where you get iTunes from, you have to have an iTunes Canada or US account. In order to get an iTunes Canada account, you will need a credit card with a billing address in Canada. I have both and I switch between them by just signing into the store with the account I want to use. It's hard to say what precisely would be wrong with your iPod. They are rarely that finicky. If the device can charge, that is a good sign I guess. Do you get any other connection signs, such as the "Connected to iTunes" screen? What kind of iPod is it (from what year?).
  13. W00t SF date. Ironically at the only venue I've ever seen a show at in the city. I'm kicking around the idea of going to the Hollywood show too... I'm a little of an old man to be driving 6 hours for a show. We'll see.
  14. I just sat down to finally watch this. I've watched the first 5 episodes. I'm kind of torn. The show is substantially more character based than it's predecessors (SGA was more character based than SG1, and I wouldn't say I'm huge into SGA). I find a couple of things really annoying. There were a couple of plot jumps that annoyed me. I'm kind of interested to see if they ever feel the need to tie the technology all back together, or explain exactly how they solved the whole dialing problem. They seem to have a need in the writing to make Reed an unliked character by hooking in things I'm not a fan of that. They mix it up with predictable set pieces, sometimes they twist it... that's not too bad. I would also like to say that 5 episodes is the fastest I've ever felt just a little betrayed by a show... I'm sure that's a hook they are going for, but I'm also sure that it's going to bug me the whole time. I'll probably follow it to the end of the season... I'm not sure how far they can go with it. Sorry, that was a stream of consciousness...
  15. I'm suggesting free parking that is about 2.5 blocks. I parked there twice a week for a year and a half and never had a problem. There is tons of parking you can pay for downtown if you want to...
  16. Man, something about that statement seems so pretentious... ;) (my favourite icon)
  17. Ok, I have to say this for the second time today. There is only Hg in the multidose vial version of the injection. The amount the injection carries is 25 ug/0.5ml, that is 0.05ppm 100x less than the Hg in a tuna sandwich. The Hg is ethyl-mercury, which is none prescient in the human body and not linked with any debilitating conditions. Hg is present as a stabilizing element needed in the multidose because of the multiple insertion of syringes. http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/stor...0725?hub=Health and http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/mm5839a3.htm#tab. Pregnant women are offered an adjuvant free vaccine. The adjuvant is an immune booster and independent of the thimerosal which contains Hg.
  18. I had a wicked debate about H1N1 vaccination today... It got no where.
  19. Yeah, I went and looked it up that's why my answer was specific about TCU. Parking is shitty in downtown Saskatoon. There is a huge lot right across the street from TCU, but it's hourly. Best bet is actually by the bus depot. Here is a map for you (which I hope has place markers): http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&amp...007349&z=17 I used to go to a class at the YMCA which is next door to TCU, so I have some insights... Also, if you didn't know this already, don't park west of Idylwyld... The city gets a little sketchy to that direction. Cheers
  20. Where is he playing in Saskatoon? (rhetorical) TCU doesn't really have any bad seats. The orchestra pit is a real orchestra pit, so there is never any seating there (I mean, unless you really want to be partially under the stage). Anything in that front row is pretty much spitting distance from the stage.
  21. ToadMan

    Ivan Otis

    Ah, and we have reached the very core of the same sort of age old issue. I assert he wouldn't. I do this on the basis that he doesn't provide the images in a format making for easy download. It seems ridiculous to assert that he would want you to download his work when, though endowed with the tools to make that possible, he choses to not give you the option. That was the basis of my statement of appropriateness. Functionally it would be possible for you to reverse engineer the images from the flash server. But since you would be getting at them in a way that was not the intent of them being provided, I question how happy the artist would be. If he was providing them in desktop size images that could be saved off by anybody, I wouldn't have made the comment. Admittedly I am putting words in the guy's mouth. I suppose you could just email the guy and ask him. I will accept I could be wrong.
  22. I played it out. The ending was a bit of a twist after you made it though several puzzles that where crazy.
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