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  1. Playing "Alone in the Dark" right now... I'm mixed on it. Some of the puzzles and world physics are annoying. Most of the time object interaction is pretty broken. Games not too bad though. I'll play it out and then be done with it.
  2. ToadMan

    Ivan Otis

    Saving them would be highly inappropriate... the guy makes his living off of producing those... I'm sure he would sell them to you though.
  3. You're missing two options: The temple, which well probably put them out cold (or kill them... yeah, maybe don't try that one). And the xiphoid process, which will knock the wind out of them: much more reliable than the stomach which can be protected by flexing the abs. I don't punch people though. In a flight, I would probably fight dirty...
  4. Bam, and Charles didn't even skip a beat on that. Kudos, kudos.
  5. Fallout 3 is my favourite game to love to hate. I didn't really notice the effects of the bad AI, though once I finally got a "companion" I noticed that the game forced me to play in a much more FPS kind of way than I really liked. Part of the fun for me was to get the drop on the enemy, point blank with the shotgun to the face. Gameplay bugs aside I felt that the game really wanted you to get into the main story and then dragged you along. It seemed to me inappropriate to just jet out of the main plot when it seemed to imply that there was critical time elements. In the end I was disappointed is way the game ended, since I felt it could have been so much more. I bought rockband 2 today (I know, it's really not that new)... I've been thinking about it for a while, and they dropped the price $20, so I figured what the hell.
  6. For future note, if you do have a problem with iTunes not downloading I would recommend reporting the issue directly to them (http://www.apple.com/feedback/itunesapp.html). I hear they are pretty good about fixing these kind of issues. Glad it has fixed itself though.
  7. My vinyl arrived at the drop point 2000 km away... I'll get in next time I'm in the country.
  8. Don't worry, the answers are coming in time.
  9. I stayed in a hotel once that started on the 53 storey of a building... But good for Calgary, I'm glad they are trying.
  10. I'm hesitant to get behind Stargate Voyager... don't get me wrong, I really like Stargate, and Stargate Deep Space Nine was pretty good...
  11. So I got this in my email: " Jon - Come meet actor Dan Aykroyd at this special bottle signing. Order your Crystal Head Vodka bottle now. http://epidm.edgesuite.net/BevMore_DM/wk34C/2009wk34C.html "
  12. I just played Ghostbusters. It was a pretty shoddy game.. I dunno, I was a good few hours of distracting.
  13. ToadMan

    Deep 6ix

    I would have to disagree with you there... I mean Rico is a sound with pretty limited depth. Maybe I'm soft for Jenny's Song because of the related short story...
  14. No, really, flash sucks. I believe it is one of the worst things to happen to the internet ever. Programming in flash is a joke. But I write C on embedded systems on a daily basis, so I have a slightly requirement of what classifies as a programming language. I question a lot of the value of flash in most situations. You are correct and not. Yes, if the stream isn't really a stream then you can serve any file on a free HTTP. Windows machines can create wmv's with no jazz required. For a Mac you need to buy a license for a quicktime component to save wmv (note that Matt uses a mac). That being said, in a streaming environment my statements still stand.
  15. No, security is a legitimate concern. Quicktime doesn't support encrypted streaming or endpoint authentication. Yes, you can always record it. In fact, you can always highjack the data stream between the decoding application and the system driver. The point would more be that security measures make the process of creating a copy either a) detrimental to the quality, or b) technically complex. I agree flash sucks. I would assert that mp4 is the choice file, as the servers for it are available for free. wmv and it's ilk are licensed.
  16. I'm getting screwed by these dates... I'm planning on being home in Saskatoon the week of the 24th... but he plays Saskatoon the week before. My vacation is predicated on American Thanksgiving, which gives me a 5 day weekend. So annoying... I might have to fly home via Winnipeg and stop a day there to catch the show on the 21st.
  17. This would is unsurprising if you are an American. In the same way it is more difficult for me to return to California where I work than it is to go to Canada (As I am an Canadian). But that's a bitch since I work here... I basically carry a hunk of dead tree with me that proves I have the appropriate authorizations to cross the border... Anyway, that's way off topic. I'll stop talking now.
  18. Except in the case of hand carry. It's much easier then. I also live in the US.
  19. Alcohol is a bitch to move across the boarder.
  20. I can't post any of my programming problems on account of the fact it's my job and I'm not allowed to talk about it.
  21. Well at least that makes more sense than them just using port based throttling. Though it just means that it might be bittorrents time. I'm sure a new variant that can mask the packet signature is just around the corner... off the top of my head I can theorize 2 different ways you might be able to trick the system.
  22. It's days like these that the populous of this message board make me embarrassed to be associated... You know who you are.
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