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  1. You are correct. Since you don't have more than 1 IP address from your ISP, you have to use Network Address Translation (NAT) on you local network (in this case your wireless). The router will have it's own DHCP server (Dynamic Host Control Protocol), which is doing the nuts and bolts of handing out IP addresses to devices that connect. It's usually not advisable to turn of DHCP completely as it makes it a bit more annoying to configure your other devices. That being said, it looks like your router supports a feature called DHCP Reservation (most do these days). That will allow your router
  2. Non-embedded link for "girl" Nice cover, I like the way you have interpreted it. Whats the Capo position / progression you are on?
  3. It's about software engineering, and how there are things that don't work. The chapter about the mythical man month is actually really interesting because it covers how adding more people to a project doesn't actually get the project done faster.
  4. You're really comparing apples and oranges... you can't look at an artist with a catalog like Matt's and just it on the whole. He's style and genre have shifted, as a result of the artistic influences changing.
  5. "The Mythical Man Month" I recently read a couple of books on motorcycling, and before that "Outliers" and "The Tipping Point"
  6. "Anomaly" might have been the wrong word. Though in the sense that what is expected is that time in = success out. Gladwell's conjecture is that there are other factors, which you are illuminating. I was drawing the analogy that the same sort of system could probably be at work as to why certain people born at certain times of year have certain traits.
  7. Probably... it was only slight. Maybe I just do a lot of thinking by feel :D
  8. ENFJ Interesting that I came back with a slight preference for "Feeling" considering most of what I do is "Thinking"
  9. So the patterns that people notice with astrology seem to me to be a lot like other weird patterns that occur because of time of year of birth. They don't have anything to do with the alignment of the planets though. You experience certain things in certain seasons and these have an impact and colouring on your world view. The same way that NHL hockey players are more likely to be born in January. It's a statical anomaly of the systems that exist.
  10. At least you got a laugh... I don't really get this thread. I mean, it's not even like this is even near the worst thing I have ever heard at a show. In fact, this is probably the least offensive thing. If I didn't know to specifically listen for something I wouldn't have even heard it.
  11. As we all get older, when are we finally going to all meet up in one place. I vote for Vegas, daddy needs a new pair of shoes.
  12. Impressive thread bump. I also miss SGU... sort of... I'm not sure. Are you allowed to miss only half the characters?
  13. So... I'm fairly sure that this page doesn't cost Anton that much to host. The setup has a few other things on it AFAIK. And there is the kicks from the adds. That said, I think that this place will probably stick around for a while. Also, I'm not sure it's fair to call out sodamntired in this particular instance... it's not like he's ever been asked to shoulder the cost and decried it on some "free speak" bullshit argument...
  14. I was pissed for a few minutes, and then I fixed it. Seriously dude, can you try to not spam? I know you feel better when there are more topics, but you don't need a whole thread to announce an outcome that 1) only a few people are going to care about, and 2) is directly related to a tread you started.
  15. Reddit is always a circle jerk...
  16. I do have an original printing... and I never got the booklet... but I have "Black Market Surgery" so I'm covered.
  17. Sorry cman... was only looking at post number. Oh wells, if you can't make an ass of yourself on the internet, what good is the internet?
  18. It's so cute when new members think this community actually still has members passionate about MG... Ironically I think a thread in this vein was what got me signed up onto this board all those years ago.
  19. It's ok to admit that you hate me. I still enjoy Matt's music...
  20. More like reverse snowballed... yeah... oh well. We are an anachronism of a bygone era. (I've always wanted to use that phrase in a sentence)
  21. Turns out, I don't know any of your real names. But... whatever.
  22. I have none of you on fb-- except Anton...
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