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  1. Yes... Facebook... that's it.


    It wouldn't have anything to do with the decline in posts by the original characters of the place (which happened a long time ago). Coupled with the fact that we haven't captured any new membership in a long time.

  2. You know what is awesome about that Calgary show for the Rotary House?


    That 54-40 is on the bill as well. Matt Good and Dave Genn burying the hatchet perhaps?


    Seems unlikely given the last public thing he said on the matter... but given that was public, who am I to say.

  3. Your statement was:


    an elementary school teacher with a masters degree earns over $80,000 under the current agreement.


    Which, is normally interpreted as a general statement about a class (which is further reasonable because you gave no context of your statement). Had you said "Teachers I know earn..." I would have still called you because it is outside of the norm.


    You furthered that with

    i'd say that's fair

    Which only served to re-enforce that you were generalizing the statement over the entire class.


    Now if you want to back away from that generalization, or even accuse me of misreading your statement that would be fair I suppose. You would concede the point however, that BC teachers are generally underpaid. Which does seem to be well supported in the hard data I found.

  4. Being innumerate is no excuse.


    In any case, based on the data I have provided, having a masters degree and enough experience to merit cat 6M does not make you average. You can plainly see that most teachers (who have B.Ed's) are not going to be making near that much money. Hence though I don't doubt the veracity of your 3 samples, I still call into question your out right assertion that it is the norm.

  5. an elementary school teacher with a masters degree earns over $80,000 under the current agreement.


    I call bullshit.


    6 years (masters degree), Maximum $70,684 (http://resource.educationcanada.com/salaries.html/)

    That number is consistent with the data here: http://bctf.ca/publications/ResearchReports.aspx?id=8426 [Cat 6M mean $70,741.37]

    http://www.bcpsea.bc.ca/documents/publications/00-LB-FINAL%20Teacher%20Compensation%202011%20Discussion%20Paper%20April%202011.pdf Supports $80k as the maximum, but in a range of 50-80, so it is hardly the average (which is 71k).

  6. Correct me if I'm wrong, but as I said, I don't think there were actually b-sides from recent albums. There weren't tracks he recorded that got cut or never made it. Maybe my definition of a b-side is too stringent.


    While I'm feeling pedantic. Technically songs that were never released on a disc aren't entitled to be part of a dicography... though I think we are uniformly in agreement that we are talking about the complete "catalog"... which I would say includes any songs that could be reasonably performed (still would likely exclude the stuff that came out during the making of "Vancouver" and "Light of Endangered Species")...

  7. Well, precisely because most of those things were fleeting. Matt himself stated that they were mostly ideas.


    The term "Demo" is disingenuous with an artist that doesn't require them. Being that the demo was historically a track shopped around to record companies in the hopes of producing a deal. Those usually were somewhat complete, albeit shitty quality.


    B-sides I can understand. I don't believe Matt produces that many of them anymore. It is my understanding he is in sufficient creative control of his work the he writes an album, and doesn't get tracks cut from it. I don't believe that has happened with his most recent albums at least.


    All of that being said, if people want to do the leg work on these song iterations, I'm sure we can find a way to represent them.

  8. Hey, short notice, but are any of the bored people going to the SF show.


    If you are I look forward to seeing you there. If you are commuting up from SB you can PM me and maybe we can carpool. I'll be leaving around 5:15 on account of the rain (grrr rain).


    Also, I have an extra ticket.

  9. Maybe for the best, as the show is Monday :P


    To add to your thread, I have an extra, as I bought 2 and all my friends went on vacation. I might be able to use it, but if there is another fan would who enjoy it more I'm happy to hook them up (though maybe not for free).


    As a third point, are there any other fans in SF on the bored... I'd love to meet you.

  10. I know Matthew Good is from Vancouver..


    I think it's perfectly fine for his shows to be longer in his home town. I mean it's not like when he is on the road. He doesn't have to get packed up and start rolling to the next city, finding some time to sleep in the middle.

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