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  1. I agree with Saturnine... it's the end of the world.


    So this really boils down to a simple question. Why do you think you bought? It's tricker that it appears. Most of the "should include a download" crowd seem to be in the camp (though seemingly implicitly) that they have bought a license own and listen to the music. This is much the model that iTunes (and other electronic music vendors work on) it is also why you can use their music on multiple devices without a problem.


    Those of us in the "no reason why they would" crowd seem to be believe that all you bought was the physical object, be that a shiny piece of plastic or a dull piece of plastic.


    The part that gets interesting to me is that both seem to be a little correct. When you buy music you do inherently buy a right to use. That right does not however extend to a requirement to provide. So if you bought the piece of plastic (shiny or not) the license allows you to convert it to other mediums (rip to your computer). As I said before, you can in fact do this with a vinyl. However, the provider is under no requirement to provide you with any digital format (loss less or not).


    I really don't think they should be either. It's silly. It's the equivalent of saying I bought this hardcover original of a book in chinese, but since I don't speak chinese I expect them to provide me an ebook english version. Or even more basically: I bought this physical book, I should get an ebook version for free. The conjecture is the same. Your computer doesn't speak vinyl so you for some reason think that means that the publisher should give you the translation. It doesn't make sense.


    If you can't read chinese don't by a book in chinese. If you want a digital copy, don't by one your digital machine can't understand.

  2. AirCanada is technically not a Crown Corp... The government just has a lot of investment in them.


    That aside, salaries should be appropriate. I can't tell you if 40-60k is right for postal workers, I don't know their job. What I would say is that if a group of employees going on strike cripples a service, then those employees should be adequately compensated. It should also be noted that a strike should fail if the employees are demanding more than fair compensation. What I mean by that is that when unskilled labour (ticket rippers in your example) goes on strike, there is nothing to prevent hiring temp labour. That should mean that the unskilled labour has to balance their demands against how long they will hold out for them. I don't know if postal workers are specialized, but I assume it would be hard to replace them, so there is at least that.

  3. I don't have the facts on what a postal worker makes now. I think it's a shitty job, and I think they should be taken care of. I think that the staffing level should track the demand level and it probably does that already.


    Also, moving to "Politics and Debate"

  4. I should clarify that I buy the CD since I like having a CD (I got pre signed copy, if I had missed that I would have waited until next time he was on tour). I buy LP's as a collector. Since I don't live in Canada right now, and won't actually see the CD for a few months (I shipped it to my parents) I bought the iTunes version.


    That being said, you can still rip an LP if you are sufficiently motivated. I don't see an issue with people converting CD's to another digital medium, but I don't see a reason why a producer should be required to provide you with all the mediums you desire.

  5. I did not use google no. But I did look it up in the dictionary. Turns out that knowing stroke order allows me to write most characters I don't know on my phone and then look it up directly (my computer input is pinyin so I had to know the pinyin to write the character). It's an interesting character to have I'm kind of interested if there is a story.


    I see 爱 a lot (though usually the traditional). Before I took a closer look I thought it was 手 which would have been weird, I also thought it was 喜 initially because of the top radical. All of those I would have known...

  6. So here is a weird fact about me, any time I see a chinese character I don't recognize I get a compulsion to see if I can figure it out... Of course artistic writing makes that tough for somebody like me who doesn't know much of the language. But based on the radicals I can make out, I get "幸" is that right?


    Also, you look fabulous.

  7. Ok, since I felt guilty. I put you over your goal and gave the rest of what I wanted to donate to Kevin. But since I don't know him, it's really just you you in spirt.


    Now my guilt is assuage am I allowed to implore? ;) (I just like using the word implore)

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