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  1. I multi-tab browse, and I have a tabified MGB folder that opens Matt's page(s) and the nf page, and the board. Peace
  2. yup, you could have bought that t-shirt from his estore. Peace
  3. We could change that fact Lauren ;) Peace
  4. touche... because all those threads about tampons are really intelligent. Peace
  5. Murphy's Law: "If anything can go wrong it will" Silverman's Paradox: "If Murphy's Law can go wrong it will" Peace
  6. ToadMan

    new dog?

    Yes but also more useless. Peace
  7. ;) Please tell me when, me and my camera will be there! j/k... me saying stuff like that is dirty.. "Dirty boy, dirty, dirty boy" Peace
  8. I've posted a really good comment on that site about this article... which I'm not going to retype here. Go check it out. (name is Jon) Peace
  9. touche The reason has nothing to do with the cows. It has to do with the farmers, who are as dumb as cows. The principle with DTS is that during the summer you set the clocks back, so that as the sun rises more early, the actual time of sunset doesn't change that much. That way people are still coming to work in the same amount of light. I have no idea how it saves money. btw, Alberta has more cows than us... and don't blame it on the wheat, it can't tell time any better than the cows. Peace
  10. so many good tracks on BM Peace
  11. I have a cell phone... but no plan... I got my phone off ebay after I lost my other one. But my provider can't activate it because it's a Sprint phone, and although it is completely compatible with SaskTel's network; it has a secrete lock code, that Sprint won't tell me. I HATE SPRINT... they are also the ones that make those annoying commercials. Peace
  12. "If I had a million dollars I'd buy your love" Peace
  13. ToadMan


    The never allow crowd surfing... but that doesn't stop people. I don't crowd surf. I will however keep people up... and it wouldn't be my hand on your ass, I'm polite. But girls always get flipped to their bellies anyway, so it's not so much your ass you should worry about. Oh mosh pits, how many surfers have I saved from breaking their necks? Peace
  14. bah, signs are the easy part... it's when they put a question on the test that is about some ass backwards law that you will never need to know you have to worry. I'm thinking about getting my motorcycle learners. I already have my full class 5 (car license clear of my probationary period). I dunno how your system works out there in Ontario land. Peace btw, I'm completely off topic. I'm not a big fiction reader, I don't find I'm good at reading fiction. Give me a technical book, and I can read it easy... not so good with fiction.
  15. Yo dwag ToaDMaN Peace
  16. I believe you can get cancer from pot... the same as other thing that blocks oxygen to cells in your lungs. Lung cancer is a result of damage to lung cells from tar, and such. Peace
  17. Who's up for arranging a massive NF boarding trip this winter... as long as you people will make it to somewhere in the middle, I would try to make it out. Peace
  18. I dunno... Asia is exposed to J-Pop... which is almost the worst music on the planet. Peace
  19. I don't even know Anton, but I write bad things about him all the time ;) But that aside. You have a point. But I dunno what kind of debate this will be, since I think everybody will agree that Mr. Eng is an ass. Peace
  20. hmm. That weird... maybe we just have brutally anal security he in 'toon. Peace
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