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  1. you people, sneaking your cameras into concerts for shame!! Peace
  2. so what your saying is that the ;) emoticon would look cute if the sun was hitting it in the right way? Peace
  3. I think we have all become confused. What I meant was that you can cross dial between cell providers. The parallel is that cell providers can't block out of system calls, so why should email services be any different. Peace
  4. It looks like the movie might go soon http://www.reddwarf.co.uk/index.cfm?frames..._statement.html You might have to scroll the news to Doug Naylor's Statement Also explains what's happened to keep the movie not in production. I would like to comment (after you've read the statement you will understand) why are american filemakers willing to put millions of dollars on nobody british actors for Harry Potter, but want an all-star cast for the Red Dwarf movie, being that Red Dwarf has had a long running 8 seasons of success and if you changed the actors, the fans (such as me) would be disappointed. Nobody can do a better Rimmer than Chris Barrie. Peace
  5. When Matt did the encore at the concert for WLR&RR here in 'toon he did apparitions acoustic as the first song of the encore. It was fucking incredible, blew me away. Peace
  6. wow, do you own a sealed copy of broken. Peace
  7. ;) Doesn't the angry emoticon look cute? Peace
  8. Malls are evil EVIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Peace
  9. Winter ROCKORZ The winter in sk is fairly nice, we get lots of light. It can be deceiving to have a sunny bright day, and a temperature of -30 C with a wind-chill to -40 C. Other than the freezing the balls off a brass monkey it's nice. I prefer spring and fall over the summer. Peace
  10. I just saw a preview for a movie by Zach Braff (written, dirrected, and starred in). Looks kind of interesting... Scrubs is funny. Peace
  11. 20th of April (same day as Adolph Hitler, and the columbine shootings... yes it's a happy occasion) Aries/Taurus cusp Peace btw, I'm not planning an invasion into Poland anytime soon ;)
  12. That's a good point. I think that it's a matter of probability though... it's not that sex cells aren't damaged, it's just a finite probability of... On a not of whether pot makes you smarter, that depends on whether or not you prescribe to the buffalo theory. That is, that a heard of buffalo will only run as fast as the slowest member, if you remove the slowest members (which are in turn the weakest) the heard can move faster. When applied to drugs (and alcohol) you *could* theorize that the brain cells killed by drugs are the weakest, and therefor slowest, thus increasing the speed of the heard. Don't argue with me as to whether pot kill brain cells. Everything kills brain cells. And connecting anything to a cells protein receptors that was not meant to plugin there will damage those receptors, meaning a cell will not be-able to connect to required proteins at a latter time, thus killing it. Peace
  13. ;) I've been to Ontario... and nobody reads them anyway. What with the bumper to bumper traffic on the 401 @ 120 kph. Isn't this topic about communism though... not where in Canada is better to live... where in Canada do we have the most communist governments? Peace
  14. I had to go with Beautiful Midnight. Some of my favorite tracks are on that disc. Peace
  15. I a follow to my Queen of Wands post (which flopped, getting only 20 view, and 3 replies... one of which was me) Check out: http://www.somethingpositive.net/ Peace
  16. indeed. But Brent Spinner had said he wouldn't do any more movies, so they killed data... I don't watch very much tv. Futurama, and Family Guy are good... I catch them sometimes at 1 in the morning.
  17. bah... I hate record companies. They seem so bossy. Peace
  18. does anybody else taste the bile in the back of their mouth as a result of this thread? Peace
  19. this whole post is making me feel funny Peace
  20. Just to yank the chain a bit. Since pot damages sex cells, can you actually do pot without potentially endangering someone else? Peace
  21. I think that Saskatchewan is more of a hole... there might be vast open spaces... but the roads to get you there suck. Plus the province is poor, so everything sucks. Peace
  22. I've seen it... and would watch it... it's better that a few cartoons I've seen. Peace
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