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  1. "It's not the end of civilization, but you can see it from there" Peace
  2. Dan, I really hope your joking... Peace
  3. hmm yes... I also remember that my cell provider doesn't tell me people on a competing cell service can't call my phone. Peace
  4. mmm. But they will just say that it is an error in the spam filtering, and their working to correct it (when they really aren't). Let Microsoft grab at straws: Linux is the fastest growing operating system on the planet. Soon 'nix based systems will run a significant market share. Open source fosters better programs, and the world is slowly realizing that. Soon Windows will start losing ground (considering how easy GNOME and KDE are to use). Microsoft's days are numbered... Peace
  5. "EMAIL IS DOWN, HOLD ME" -dilbert Peace
  6. kicks ass, f--ks ass, same difference ;) I despise Hanson, they are in the same music bin as Avril. Peace
  7. I'm not a fan of piercings, I prefer a girl that can go through an airport metal detector, with out setting it off. made me think of this comic though: http://www.queenofwands.net/d/20021218.html Peace
  8. Without out the music in front of me what kind of chords are you talking? suspended 4th or 12th, Sixths, diminished, diminished minors, augmented? (sevenths don't count as variations... even though they are, they are just so common) Peace
  9. 70's porn music... I have no comment to refute your statements about pot (guitarchick). Hence, I will not even attempt. btw, I have never tried pot, and have no intention of doing so. Peace
  10. hmm... so what your saying is the mere act of having the songs is contra to Mr. Goods wishes... and ironicaly any good fan has them, which means: All good fans have these B-Sides, Mr. Good doesn't want anybody to have them -> All good fans upset Mr.Good. Peace
  11. That fact alone will haunt my nightmares... Now where did I put the night vision scope for my sniper rifle... oh, there it is... muhahahahaHAHAHAHAHA *cough* I've said to much... (leave no witnesses) and I'm just kidding... I don't own a sniper rifle... Peace
  12. Yeah, I think that's true anyway. I has to do with the way their electronic privacy laws are written, and that crazy patriot act (you know, the one that lets law enforcement temporarily suspend the constitutional rights of citizens under the cover of national security) they passed. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do about it. Peace
  13. I go to one of the cheapest universities in canada. Peace
  14. Don't pick on Lauren, don't you know her hippy ideals don't allow her to defend herself? ;) j/k Lauren, I don't think your a hippy. I think that pot will still be a $6 billion dollar black-market industry with or without legal sale. And if you take the pot out of the dealers hands, then what are they going to sell instead? PCP (which btw is the active ingredient in pot), Cocaine, Heroin... Also pot isn't a great thing, in terms of not doing damage, it does. PCP damages human sex cells. In perspective, this means for men: producing a child with your sex cells within 3 months of using pot can cause fetal marijuana syndrome; for women, this means that at any time after using pot, you could have a child with fetal marijuana syndrome. Turns out that men's sex cells only have a life of 3 months, since we constantly produce them. Women have a finite supply of eggs, so if one becomes damages, there is a finite possibility of it being the egg fertilized later. Peace
  15. hmm... well that is an effective strategy for service migration... if all your friends are on hotmail, then you would have to switch... and next they will start charging... anybody else remember the time when hotmail wasn't owned by Microsoft? Did you know, that if your email travels through a server in the United States, their government has the right to read it? Peace
  16. I've been playing a while... since I was 17... but I'm not very good. The violin training will help allot... the guitar is easier since it is fretted. If you was an easy MGB song, try Omissions of the Omen (I realize it's a bonus track, but the pattern is simple, but sounds good) Peace
  17. I take my computer with me everywhere, so I'm on it quite often. I also do allot of school work on my computer (programming and such) Peace
  18. It would be cool to hear Apparitions in a movie (but only if there was a scene that fit with it). Peace
  19. I agree with you entirely. I had previously stated there is a difference between Marc's socialism, and communism. Technically I would also draw the distinction between communism and Stalin / Lenin communism. This is a good thread, and I appreciate the corrections that you offer. I know that I'm not the most knowledgeable. Peace
  20. Tobacco is just a dried plan. Tar is a byproduct of incomplete combustion. btw, marijuana produces more carbon monoxide than cigarettes. Interesting side note: a credible study concluded that people that smoke one joint a week are smarter than those who do not. I personally do not do any drugs. I have a friend who does some drugs, and he's a pretty nebulous most of the time. (nebulous in my new work, look it up). With legallizing pot, I think that they are looking at de-criminalizing it. Which means that it won't be legal, but it wont give you a criminal record. I agree that pot needs to be controlled, but I dunno how the law could control pot anymore than they already do. Peace
  21. ToadMan

    MG Encounters

    I've never meet Matt... but apparently I just have to hang around longer after concerts. Peace
  22. That was scary, I just started reading this post, and as it finished loading (and then text appeared) A Long Way Down was playing in iTunes, at exactly the same place at the posted lyrics... It's ok Jon, the computer can't read you thoughts, or maybe it can... must make tin-foil hat Peace
  23. not that I'm criticizing you Anton, but do you not find it the lest bit ironic that you would post these links on a message board with a registration requirement (to post mine you, not to read) Just a though. Peace
  24. It's more scary that the radicals tend to group together, and therefor develop more power via momentum. Peace
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