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  1. trading doesn't forgo the consumist attitude, it still places a value on items... it also requires that you have something to trade, but that's not strictly true for everybody. Monetary systems provide a mechanism for people to trade services (or skills). Peace
  2. I have to add: The is a moderate amount of offensive language, and mature themes ;) who would be more offended by you comment? (Katrina or Kestrel?) Peace
  3. So a buddy of me sent the bellow image to be, so I though of checking out the comic. After reading all of the comics in the archive, I have to say that's it not all bad... some moments of hilarity. check it out at http://www.queenofwands.net/ http://www.queenofwands.net/d/20031208.html
  4. Socialism... In communism, the state owns everything, in socialism nobody owns anything (or everybody owns everything if you will). You can't remove money... which is why these systems fail. Things must have value. It is harder for the car dealer to share his wares, then it is for the grocer. Peace
  5. hmm... how rich are these people that are only interested in money and power? I think you may be misjudging all rich people. Peace
  6. Anything can be interpreted as sex... In contexts: " ... we'll see if I'm leaking, push and push till it hurts ... picking up chick when they, push and push till it hurts ... we'll see if I'm leaking push and push till it hurts ... now I work me the night shift, well I, push and push till it hurts, pull and pull till it hurts ... " Only the second one is possibly sex. Get your minds out of the gutter!! Peace
  7. That is just dirty Anton... At least buy them dinner first ;) If I ever get out to BC I'd meet up with any of you guys on this board... but that won't be for a few years... even better, because then we can go for a beer... mmmm beer Peace
  8. Have you considered that it is probably easier for him to get bookings in bars? Peace
  9. Is there actually a passage in the bible that directly refers to homosexuality? I am familiar with the story of Sodom and Gomorra (please forgive spelling), which refers to God destroying to twin cities for their many and repeated sins (which does actually make reference to homosexuality... or more accurately that men wish to 'know' other men) Peace
  10. Unfortunately Big Oil will be the cause of our demise. The technology and ideas have been around for the past 20 years of developing clean alternatives. Big Oil has stopped all the research at every turn. When there is no more oil, even though we have the technology, and concepts, the lack of electricity will hinder research and manufacture. It's not as bad as it seems though: Electric vehicles do exist, and have been proven very effective (the entire british rail system is electric, not to mention french bullet trains). Once the world stigma about nuclear power disappears (which would h
  11. ha, Theoryofanickelcreed jokes An NF shirt would be cool... who has a screen printing machine?
  12. weird Al did UHF... I dunno about others... he had a TV show for a while. Peace
  13. minors suck! ;) j/k I was one once too. Thank you Dan for pointing out that not everybody who drinks is an idiot. Peace mmm, beer....
  14. If I was Matt, I would feel dirty.
  15. Weird Al rocks!! I own a number of his albums... I was going to buy the new one, but I hate paying $26 for a CD. Peace
  16. Animal Farm isn't about communism (contrary to popular belief) Orwell actually said it is about the Boslshivics (don't trust my spelling)
  17. Being the only person to post who is not bound by religion (I consider myself agnostic, meaning that I feel I lack the information to make an informed decision. Yes I do realize that it is ironic that I would say I do not have faith because I require proof, when in fact the definition of faith is to believe with out proof. But I leave religion as another thread altogether) I have got in many debates about this next point, but here goes: I think that homosexuality is a natural mutation of stand gender (I use mutation in a biological sense to mean non-standard change). It is entirely pos
  18. Not that a few of the communist concepts of equality, and sharing of wealth wouldn't be a heathy change to our social structure. In there purest form, these concepts are above reproach. (not that I'm against the rich) In practice true communism would fail, but a hybrid of communism with capitalism would produce a social structure where: Everybody has equality under the law (this is becoming more of a reality here at home... not completely though... the details of this would have to be another thread, since I cannot completely explain an example enough to not have the appearance of being
  19. Technically, Communism is a bad idea. Communism is an evolution of socialism. Socialism is a good idea except that Marcs had no concept of the limited liability corporation. Therefor socialism is based on preventing a few very rich people from owning everything by preventing anybody from owning anything. Communism gives the state ownership of everything (this leads to poverty and corruption) Peace
  20. I'll talk to you, what's you handle. Peace
  21. Of the three MG concerts I have been to: Two where all ages, there where alcoholic beverages served, but is a sectioned off area. The other was at a bar in Llyodminster. The show is Llyodminster was certainly more rowdy. The problem is, that the bar make money from selling beer (and such), so they try to sell as much as possible. But sometimes the amount of alcohol they sell is excessive. The problem is not beer, the problem is people. You don't have to drink to get drunk. That is an overwhelmingly popular north american past time. I have been know to drink, but I have never been drun
  22. That would be Queen. " Got to leave you all behind and face the true Mama, Life has just begun and now I'm gone and thrown it all away Mama, ooh, didn't mean to make you cry, If I'm not back again this time tomorrow carry on, carry on, as if nothing really matters "
  23. ;), if your cell phone isn't in the same area code as the number, and the number isn't a special cell service (like #1221 or something). or you don't have some kind of crazy cell plan where you don't pay long distance fees during certain times: You are still going to get long distance charges. Cell phones still have to route through long distance trunks (or did you think the systems where separate?). If it goes through a trunk, then you pay for the trunk time... or someone does. Your plan might cover it, but I know mine doesn't. If I call a number that requires an area code, then I p
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