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  1. wtf! didn't take your advice... it's 12:48... Peace
  2. I like my bike... but I have a flat tire... and it's a slow leak. It's bleeding hard to ride your bike in 35 degrees, with a humidex to 42. I must go buy a new bike wrench so I can get my rear tire off and replace the inner tube... Any body know what I can do with a dead inner tube, I feel it's wasteful to throw away all that rubber. Peace
  3. hmm, I need to read "At Last there is Nothing Left to Say" again. And "Black Market Surgery" Peace
  4. Wow you kids are young ;) I got into MG grade 9, with Underdogs... Deep Six is an awesome track. Apparitions is a great track to. I remember going to see Matt when Zuckerbaby opened for him (tour for Beautiful Midnight... or after it came out, before Audio came out) Peace
  5. hmm, Train of Thought. I bought that CD the other day. I agree some of the stuff is a little annoying (not above referred to as wanking) And that blinking eye is a little freaky Peace
  6. technically there is no such thing as an un-bias report ;) But that is rather interesting... I just wonder what lengths Mr. Moore is willing to go to, to make money. It's interesting to consider, would he become that which he despises for money? Ironically, I don't think that even star-trek has true removal of product value. The system is not clearly explained: Picard does mention in First Contact, to the one woman, that in the future there is no money "We work to better ourselves". But when you consider information presented in Deep Space Nine, it's not entirely clear: other races obviously have a monetary system. Looking a Voyager, the crew trades food rations and holodeck time, which in turn makes these things the currency. Wow, double coverage... Peace
  7. To any body interested in some music that is outrageously skillful, and a little heavy, check out Dream Theater. Some of there music is a little bit of wanking (just showing off hardcore) but otherwise it's good. I would like to post some tracks, but I don't have space on my webpage folder, I'll maybe make up some sample that will up load (my two favorite tracks are over 13:00 minutes). official site: http://www.dreamtheater.net Peace
  8. trading doesn't forgo the consumist attitude, it still places a value on items... it also requires that you have something to trade, but that's not strictly true for everybody. Monetary systems provide a mechanism for people to trade services (or skills). Peace
  9. I have to add: The is a moderate amount of offensive language, and mature themes ;) who would be more offended by you comment? (Katrina or Kestrel?) Peace
  10. So a buddy of me sent the bellow image to be, so I though of checking out the comic. After reading all of the comics in the archive, I have to say that's it not all bad... some moments of hilarity. check it out at http://www.queenofwands.net/ http://www.queenofwands.net/d/20031208.html
  11. Socialism... In communism, the state owns everything, in socialism nobody owns anything (or everybody owns everything if you will). You can't remove money... which is why these systems fail. Things must have value. It is harder for the car dealer to share his wares, then it is for the grocer. Peace
  12. hmm... how rich are these people that are only interested in money and power? I think you may be misjudging all rich people. Peace
  13. ToadMan

    Band Break Up

    Anything can be interpreted as sex... In contexts: " ... we'll see if I'm leaking, push and push till it hurts ... picking up chick when they, push and push till it hurts ... we'll see if I'm leaking push and push till it hurts ... now I work me the night shift, well I, push and push till it hurts, pull and pull till it hurts ... " Only the second one is possibly sex. Get your minds out of the gutter!! Peace
  14. That is just dirty Anton... At least buy them dinner first ;) If I ever get out to BC I'd meet up with any of you guys on this board... but that won't be for a few years... even better, because then we can go for a beer... mmmm beer Peace
  15. Have you considered that it is probably easier for him to get bookings in bars? Peace
  16. Is there actually a passage in the bible that directly refers to homosexuality? I am familiar with the story of Sodom and Gomorra (please forgive spelling), which refers to God destroying to twin cities for their many and repeated sins (which does actually make reference to homosexuality... or more accurately that men wish to 'know' other men) Peace
  17. Unfortunately Big Oil will be the cause of our demise. The technology and ideas have been around for the past 20 years of developing clean alternatives. Big Oil has stopped all the research at every turn. When there is no more oil, even though we have the technology, and concepts, the lack of electricity will hinder research and manufacture. It's not as bad as it seems though: Electric vehicles do exist, and have been proven very effective (the entire british rail system is electric, not to mention french bullet trains). Once the world stigma about nuclear power disappears (which would happen rapidly in a post oil world), then power generation becomes a none issue. All in all, the decline of oil will result is a cleaner environment. As a side note, the loss of oil will only effect us in our vehicles (Canada has a lot of green power). You do have to consider though: even though we see this problem, we are still wasteful of oil. Think how many kilometers you drive a month. Peace
  18. ha, Theoryofanickelcreed jokes An NF shirt would be cool... who has a screen printing machine?
  19. weird Al did UHF... I dunno about others... he had a TV show for a while. Peace
  20. minors suck! ;) j/k I was one once too. Thank you Dan for pointing out that not everybody who drinks is an idiot. Peace mmm, beer....
  21. If I was Matt, I would feel dirty.
  22. Weird Al rocks!! I own a number of his albums... I was going to buy the new one, but I hate paying $26 for a CD. Peace
  23. Animal Farm isn't about communism (contrary to popular belief) Orwell actually said it is about the Boslshivics (don't trust my spelling)
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