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  1. Yeah I know that you miss out on stuff when you use trillian (like file transfers... and such). I work on a G4 PBook... I haven't had any problems working with connectivity. The only time I had to use a PC for school was when they gave us pre-compiled binaries. I'm taking Computer Science, and Electrical Engineering. The Mac is better, because OS X is build on Darwin (an open source port of BSD UNIX, which has been ported to a number of platforms). The advantage is that I can get access to a UNIX terminal in a single mouse click. I am impressed that this comp hasn't crashed since I
  2. Buy a mac, use garage band. Good microphones are overrated (when talking about making demos). But if you want killer sound quality see if you can get access to an anechoic chamber ;)... they are like sound booths... just better (the one at my campus has an 80 db reduction in standard audible frequencies. Peace
  3. You can get most if the clients for mac... there are ports. Proteus is a multiclient, I can IM to most any other kind of client (I am on ICQ, AIM, Yahoo, and MSN with it). It's a really well done program, and it's nice to have all of my IM progs grouped into one place. Another advantage is the meta user mode (for users that have more than one kind of account) they you group then so they only appear once, when talking to another proteus user, you get a best of both worlds thing, where you can use features from any of the clients you are both connected with (ie you can chat over ICQ, and ge
  4. All IM clients suck... Get trillian! buy a mac and get Proteus! (G4 PBooks rock) Peace
  5. I'm in... (time permitting)
  6. I just noticed that in 424 post, this forum will have a total of 10 000 posts made... that number will be lower now. onward, to 10000 viva la revolution
  7. Proteus rocks!!! it's a mulitclient, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, AOL... the bunch. Only problem is you have to be a mac user to use it ;) Trillian is the best choice for you PC users, the same kind of stick. Peace
  8. I would say that back in the day, when democracy was a new and scary thing, it was a good idea. The Electoral College provides a method of fake democracy. i.e. the electors have the power to decide the election. This would mean that if they where noble (or at least higher in stature, which they most likely where) they could prevent the masses from making poor choices. With the modern technology, it makes more sense to move to a more pure representative democracy. BTW, we aren't truly democratic, we empower people to make decisions on our behalf (otherwise we would spend all our time vo
  9. That is from http://people.howstuffworks.com/question472.htm where you can read all about the US Electoral College system... Turns out that here in Canada we also have a more democratic system, since we elect a parliament (and the leader party possessing the most seats becomes the prime minister), however, our parliament is weighted based on province size. The US system weights the votes such that larger states get more votes. The problem is, that even if you vote for the elector for the democrats, they can change their mind (that is legal). Peace
  10. The US isn't democratic... they are a republic. There is actually a difference. It all boils down to how the votes are considered... but I don't remember quite how... and google isn't showing me the answer in the first 5 results... It has to do with electoral collages Peace
  11. You know as a person who would one day want to perform, it sickens me that we (myself included) have come to expect the encore. I mean we payed to see the set... the performer played the set, the contract is complete. The encore is the bonus, like getting cool artwork in the CD case. I don't know why it is so expected, and why people are so upset when a artist declines the encore. If Matt had walked off the stage halfway through his set, then I would understand people being pissed, but he finished the set. If you take the bus, and the bus driver drops you off at your stop, would you be pi
  12. why don't all go over there and flame nearfantastica.com on their board... the moderators might edit it and ban us... but there can only work so fast... and if we all do it... Peace P.S. By the way, this site shows up on a google search way more than this 'metro' you speak of. That's how I found it... I was looking for the ASR video, and ended up here.
  13. yeah... the man with the artificial heart vs a muppet with a gimmer stick
  14. Hate mail it is... lots of hate mail!!!! Let the flaming begin (and the signing up to dirty porn sites) ;) just kidding Peace
  15. I like the fact that ASR uses a more subtle message (by indirect associate) which contrasts nicely with how the message of the lyrics is so direct and strong. Peace
  16. money buys the rating in the states... I've seen it, movies that I have watched that hear have a 14A, and are pretty clean, get the R. But movies with a higher bank role, that are 18A here, make PG13 down there...
  17. when I went to see Fahrenheit 9/11 it cost me $8 a person (x2)... and that was weekend matinee... so with parking down town at the premium theater... It totaled out to a $20 dollar evening... Now I can rent a movie for $5... and then if I'm evil, rip it, and have it forever... In conclusion, movies are far to expensive... and don't even get me started on the snack bars... I ask for a cup of water once, and they told me that they had to sell the cup at FULL price... that is total BS. Peace
  18. "That's the rub" and you have put your finger on the magic spot... the point where you realize that the problems in the USA are caused by guns, but the USA doesn't think guns are the problem. <<enter scapegoat>> you name it, we've heard it: the violence in movies, the computer games... It's not the fact that people in the USA are so obsessed with their self protection that they own guns... and for that matter are prepared to use them if they feel threatened (note feel... no threat has to exist), no, that is not the reason, it is violence in movies. The USA has repeatedly s
  19. bah. phaser my ass. (are we considering ships based on quantization, i.e. the ships and weapons maintain there respect power in a interim universe? or are we considering the logical real world knowledge of technology, i.e. we know that a turbo laser canon would be weaker then a phased energy device) Peace
  20. UML sux... and that is all I have learn in my summer courses. Peace
  21. Yo... you can prove the existence of anti matter... or more accurately the existence of quarks with exotic spins (and hence anti-protons). They have been created in a lab, but are only stable for infinitesimal periods of time. And the Darth would choke Picard down so he couldn't tell Worf to 'fire at will'... and the highly structure command system would all fall to shreds. muhahahaha
  22. who needs a 1 GB mail account... download it all to your comp instead. HD space is cheap. Peace
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