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  1. when I went to see Fahrenheit 9/11 it cost me $8 a person (x2)... and that was weekend matinee... so with parking down town at the premium theater... It totaled out to a $20 dollar evening... Now I can rent a movie for $5... and then if I'm evil, rip it, and have it forever... In conclusion, movies are far to expensive... and don't even get me started on the snack bars... I ask for a cup of water once, and they told me that they had to sell the cup at FULL price... that is total BS. Peace
  2. "That's the rub" and you have put your finger on the magic spot... the point where you realize that the problems in the USA are caused by guns, but the USA doesn't think guns are the problem. <<enter scapegoat>> you name it, we've heard it: the violence in movies, the computer games... It's not the fact that people in the USA are so obsessed with their self protection that they own guns... and for that matter are prepared to use them if they feel threatened (note feel... no threat has to exist), no, that is not the reason, it is violence in movies. The USA has repeatedly show that they as a people, and a country will respond with deadly force to the inference of a threat. proof: The man that was shoot at a costume party because he was dressed as a cowboy, complete with toy gun. The police where called to the scene on a noise disturbance, and the guy thought they where party guests, waved the toy gun in the air, and was shoot 6 times by the attending officers. (I'm not sure if I got the details of this correct, but the general story is correct) As Mr Moore states in Bowling for Columbine, the day the columbine tragedy happened, the USA dropped more bombs on kosivo then at any other time during that confrontation, but that didn't make the papers did it? (I'm not sure if it was kosivo... I find it hard to keep track of everybody the USA drops bombs on) I would now like to apologize for how off topic I am... this about Alert Status Red. Unfortunately, I like perl, have loose type checking ;) In reference to ASR though, other than the clips from columbine, what else in the video suggests columbine. Or are we drawing columbine, because at the highest level of abstraction, the song is about the overriding social issues in North American (USA). It would then follow that columbine is a true example of these overriding social issues. We could also take the lead that ASR is a result of the social issues, that are directly descendent from those that cause columbine (it is a circle). i.e. that the US attitude that caused columbine also caused the anti-american attitude present in a large number of groups around the world, this in turn causes threat to the US, and therefor ASR. Well... that's about all the pseudo intellectual drivel for now, Peace
  3. bah. phaser my ass. (are we considering ships based on quantization, i.e. the ships and weapons maintain there respect power in a interim universe? or are we considering the logical real world knowledge of technology, i.e. we know that a turbo laser canon would be weaker then a phased energy device) Peace
  4. UML sux... and that is all I have learn in my summer courses. Peace
  5. Yo... you can prove the existence of anti matter... or more accurately the existence of quarks with exotic spins (and hence anti-protons). They have been created in a lab, but are only stable for infinitesimal periods of time. And the Darth would choke Picard down so he couldn't tell Worf to 'fire at will'... and the highly structure command system would all fall to shreds. muhahahaha
  6. who needs a 1 GB mail account... download it all to your comp instead. HD space is cheap. Peace
  7. oh smash, how many lectures have I missed for you?
  8. The first two movies are fundamentally bad... it's the fact that they completely destroy visual continuity. And fucking jar jar... Peace
  9. The hub get direct connect (that's a prog), and connect to right now you will get booted and a redirect link... I'm not sure if they still have the min share requirement... but keep that in mind.
  10. Spud : creepy startrek guy on Undergrads Star wars would win, hands down... if it wasn't for the prequels Peace
  11. "It's a band of rebel X-Wings vs... vs... I don't know, some startrek crap, where they save a bunch of crap lousy wales" Peace
  12. I disagree with allot of your cheesy songs... but what ever... I got nothing. Peace
  13. Too Good to be True - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
  14. I'm pretty sure that they are from real clips (most likely columbine)... they are all from about the same time as the main columbine clip. Peace
  15. Yo, I wanted to show you some stills from ASR that you might not have caught, they are flash framed... they only appear for 2 frames ( 1/15 of a second) so they appear as flickering. Flash framing was used as a form of subliminal advertising. I doubt that is what these frames are for. These are both thumbs (click them to get the full image) Peace
  16. I really didn't like that movie. Peace
  17. My Own Private Idaho hahzaa (if you don't believe me google it)
  18. I'm sitting in the hub... if anybody wants the download Peace
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