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  1. oh smash, how many lectures have I missed for you?
  2. The first two movies are fundamentally bad... it's the fact that they completely destroy visual continuity. And fucking jar jar... Peace
  3. The hub get direct connect (that's a prog), and connect to right now you will get booted and a redirect link... I'm not sure if they still have the min share requirement... but keep that in mind.
  4. Spud : creepy startrek guy on Undergrads Star wars would win, hands down... if it wasn't for the prequels Peace
  5. "It's a band of rebel X-Wings vs... vs... I don't know, some startrek crap, where they save a bunch of crap lousy wales" Peace
  6. I disagree with allot of your cheesy songs... but what ever... I got nothing. Peace
  7. Too Good to be True - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
  8. I'm pretty sure that they are from real clips (most likely columbine)... they are all from about the same time as the main columbine clip. Peace
  9. Yo, I wanted to show you some stills from ASR that you might not have caught, they are flash framed... they only appear for 2 frames ( 1/15 of a second) so they appear as flickering. Flash framing was used as a form of subliminal advertising. I doubt that is what these frames are for. These are both thumbs (click them to get the full image) Peace
  10. I really didn't like that movie. Peace
  11. My Own Private Idaho hahzaa (if you don't believe me google it)
  12. I'm sitting in the hub... if anybody wants the download Peace
  13. I can email it right now since my laptop is it's own sendmail server... well I'll try. Peace --- It's away, so provided it doesn't get bounced anywhere you'll have it soon Peace --- I just got the email back, I got bounced somewhere along the way. You will have to pick it up on the hub later. Peace
  14. Well... I'm grabbing them off the desktop now... One is 26mb (w/ASR) The other is 14mb (wo/ASR) Well, I don't the space on my university website, so I will be at school tomorrow... and you can probably catch me after my victory pinball round (that will be at about noon). I'll be online, so PM me... I'll figure out how to give you the file you want then (I likely won't be able to direct send). I think that I will also hang out in the hub, to you might be able to get them there. Peace
  15. I'm not sure if 30 minutes counts as seeing... As for terrible, that is your opinion, I accept that. I don't agree with you, but there isn't much I can do about it. I would appreciate knowing what you though was stupid about it, if you could give me some examples of stupid things in the movie... Did you think it was full of lies, did you think it trivialized the issue. (could you not see because your head was rammed to far up your ass?). The latter aside, I would really like to know your reasoning behind why you think the movie was terrible, and stupid. I would like to know what p
  16. that's BS... I'm sure Matt could get better... but look at it from his point of view, does he need to get better. Peace
  17. mehh... I still think to song sounds great... whatever Peace
  18. ToadMan

    Sing Along

    I love to sing alone... although I tone it back at concerts... 'cause I know I really like to hear matt sing. Peace
  19. We are lock in, It's on my PC downstairs... I'll divx it up, and post it to my webfolder for all to download. (I'll do two versions, on with the Alert Status Red video still attached, and for those with slower connections, on without) Peace P.S. (off topic) How do you edit posts... or am I just really dumb P.P.S. I'm really dumb Peace
  20. Well as I said, Moore did require his audience to think... ;) Peace
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