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  1. ;) The keith's commercials are great... and keith's is a good beer. Peace
  2. I have no time for games like those... hell I hardly have time to read this forum. Peace
  3. no clue on FAB... Have you ever seen Stingray, or even Fireball XL5? Thunderbirds is cool... but I haven't seen it in forever... I don't get the only channel it is broadcast on ;) Peace
  4. You do know they have been saying that since 2000 right? Peace
  5. ToadMan


    After the tooth chipping, I want to know what you people are like in MG concerts. Are you total into the music, but under control (like me); are you totally out of control; or are you one of those people that acts like their standing in line at the grocery store? Peace
  6. "ha ha, I am naughty"
  7. Well aren't we investigative! ;) thanks. That makes sense.
  8. I don't like picking favorite lyrics... danimal, your very right about picking yup hidden meanings each listening... but I'm not sure that is the direct intent of Matt's music. When Matt wrote it, it had a meaning to him... the words he chooses are often to cryptic to clearly identify exactly want he was thinking about. Each time you listen to a song, you interpret what he meant based on your current feelings and experiences. The best thing about Matt's music is that it always has some meaning, not like the rest of the watered down auditory diarrhea that currently dominates the music charts. Peace
  9. Underdogs went Platinum Beautiful Midnight sold close to 25000 copies. Google is your friend. Peace
  10. Cool, I'll try to tape it, capture it on my PC and upload it to my school web account (they give me a ton of space). Then I'll post a link. That is if I'm not to busy. Peace
  11. The coolest song I ever hear live was a version of 21st Century Living he did on his last tour. I was cool 'cause he changed up the rant to reflect current world events. Peace
  12. NP I want to add them as artwork in my iTunes collection anyway. Peace
  13. I dunno if the art is different. Here are some pics: I also love the look of the CD it's self: "INSERT INTO PLAYER, FEEL THE GLOW OF COMMERCE" Peace
  14. I think Matt is a good writer for the guitar (note that all of the tracks past intermezzo on loser anthems are written and played by Matt) as for his technical skill playing the guitar. I've watched the empty road making video... and I can't argue with his skill... sure he is not the most skilled guitarist on the planet, but he's good. I wish I was as good as Matt ;) Peace
  15. I think I'll pick up the vinyl of Avalanche... even though I don't have a working phonograph. Peace
  16. I hear exactly what you mean... But It's not so much an issue of the timing between the kick and bass, as it is that the kick seems to disappear. It's a cool musical effect... and the song is still cool. Peace
  17. Oh boy, this is going to get ugly... I think at this point it's not even worth arguing any more. I think that it's brutal that people throw stuff at performers. But I also find it offensive when people stand around at concerts like their waiting for the john. It's ok to get into the music, it's ok for the people around you to get into the music. You have to learn to control yourself though. From what I've heard, I believe that the crowd didn't intend on smashing Matt in the face with the mic. The barrier was inappropriate (I've never been to a show that didn't have a barrier, and security to grab surfers). I would like to just inject this: When Matt sings he doesn't where his glasses, from what I understand he's virtually blind without them (When I watched him play, he appeared unable to find the mic stand just 8 inches from his face). So I can't blame Matt for not moving the stand, I can blame his crew, for not ensuring the safe. I don't think that we can expect Matt to perform come hell or high water. To like back to soccer: Big name players like those who play for national sides receive millions of dollars a year (same as other sports *cough* hockey *cough*) and we wouldn't expect them to play with a sprained ankle. And just to top off this rant, Have you ever tried talking properly with chipped teeth, let alone sing? Maybe Matt stopped playing because he felt the the quality of the show was just not good enough. Sorry some of the attendees felt they where shafted. I know how you feel, I have driven 3 hours to see Matt in concert, but get over it... your not going to get your money back from us... I know, y don't you write a song about the experience, become a rock star yourself and show Matt how it's done? (if you don't think he's very good at it) That's about it, Now let the ugliness begin. Peace
  18. ToadMan

    Band Break Up

    I'm not going to flame you. I think that your right. If Matt doesn't allow the music element to grow through the input of other musical elements, then his music does pose the risk of becoming stale. Now at least both of us will get flamed. Peace
  19. That fits within the time frame of time I wasn't following the band (or matt) Peace
  20. intermezzo: m. good vs m. trolly "you can't get back, you got to look... how you suppost'a pick up chicks if you've got to look at what your doing" lol Peace
  21. Must keep posting, must get new song
  22. I think that it's a little unreasonable that the crowd surged during weapon. I live in Saskatoon (the 2nd major city in Saskatchewan, north of Regina) and I remember when Matt said he would never play there again after he got the shoe thrown at him (I think it was a shoe, but the object is not important). That was during Apparitions, and I though that who ever threw it was some kind of idiot. I still think what Matt said then is still true, had it happened during Load Me Up, or Hello Time Bomb it wouldn't have been as bad. Hope the show tonight goes well for him, I know he'll probably play, I remember him talking about tour while he was really sick... He would just get doped up on cough syrup, play the show and crash. Peace
  23. I feel like I should be burned to have to ask this question, but when did Matt get married. (since we lost runningforhome.net I haven't kept up on Matt, till now) Peace
  24. digi packs are cool, and they aren't as wasteful as plastic cases (less harmful chemicals used in creation). Plus you get the digi pack art. Peace
  25. ToadMan

    Band Break Up

    Quick recap, just a refection on Matt being the driving force of MGB: LOTGA: Matthew Good except: 'alabama motel room' (good/lloyd/browne) Raygun: Matthew Good except: 'generation x-wing' (good/genn) & 'alabama motel room', see above Underdogs: words by good, music by good/genn except: 'the inescapable us' and 'prime time deliverance' (all Matt) 'rico' (good/browne/lloyd/genn) Beautiful Midnight: words by good, music by good/genn except: 'load me up' (good/genn/browne/priske) 'flashdance II' (good/genn) Loser Anthems: no info The Audio of Being: no info. I really wanted to see who did all the writing for this one. I think I was all Matt, which lead to the conflict in the band. On a note on irony, my CD has printed in the spine the message "help us get rid of the matthew good band". The rest are of course all Matt. But the point of note is that the two core albums of the MGB where music by Matt and Dave. I suspect that since Matt wrote the whole of Audio of Being in a cabin in Wister, as I said about lead to the conflict. I think that Dave and Ian upset that they where not involved in the development of the music. They probably did not respond well to "play this". Alright, that's my little rant. Peace
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