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  1. The thing about a funny commercial is that: The first time you watch it you laugh The second time you watch it you snicker The third time you watch it you wonder why you though it was funny The fourth time you watch it you wonder why the same commercial has been on four times in this show The fifth time you watch it, a part of you dies inside The sixth et al time you watch it, you need a beer. Except for the Canadian Club Rye commercial (mentioned earlier). lol... (but you know if you where in any of these bars, you'd wince too!) Peace
  2. Yes, yes it is. I own the DVD first four series, and I have 5-7 on my computer. But could be expect any less from the BBC office that brought us Monty Python? Peace
  3. That is a tough question to answer... Both MGB and Matt's solo work have there merits. *shrug* dunno.
  4. ToadMan


    I would love a DVD that has all of the videos (in high quality... screw this 320 x 240 $hit). On the road and live stuff would be cool too. There are a ton of features done on Matt (and MGB) that would be cool to include. Peace
  5. ToadMan

    Band Break Up

    So someone else still remembers Geoff Lloyd... Any body know what he is up to now? Did anybody else notice that there are similarities between the style in LOTGA, and Avalanche? I though they had similar modes (it's also similar to some of his demo stuff). And with WLR&RR the difference between it and Avalanche is similar to the difference between LOTGA and Underdogs... Just some food for thought. I'm not saying that the albums are the same, I am just noting I felt the style was similar (please don't flame the crap out of me ;) ). Peace
  6. wow... I wish I had a copy of Lo-Fi... I almost got one once... but I was just too slow. ;) oh well, life goes on. Peace
  7. It's slipped to #3 on Amazon, but that's still pretty good. I have to make an off topic comment: Crusader I just saw that your last played is Red Dwarf - Tongue Tied. Red Dwarf kicks ass!!!! (go BBC) B) Peace
  8. ToadMan

    Band Break Up

    I never believed Dave to be a terrible, I understand that he's a perfectionist. I have seen Dave live, and his guitar playing still kicks ass. As an individual artist Matt's music has taken a different direction. One of the strong elements of a Band over Individual production is that the finial product has multiple creative influences. I not sure how much or your stories I buy... I would be interesting to hear what the other ex-band members have to say about the break up. Peace
  9. I dunno if you can say that previous lyrics where not as direct... I'm thinking Prime Time Deliverance: "No eye just their stupid grins, long to be liberal mannequins, And their tiny room, they eat chinese food, and they don't call their wives, 'cause the girl in the window, is pressing her breast against the window pane, the guy they're after on the floor below her is, cutting cocaine higher than the building" That's not that vague... But I will agree that Matt is good at the cryptic lyrics. Peace
  10. ToadMan

    MG Hub

    I keep hearing about the hub, but I haven't seen any links to the software. Can someone throw up a link... or a tarball ;) (whoo, unix jargon). A link is fine really. Peace
  11. 4th is good, beating avril would be better ;). As for the chart differences: Vancouver and Toronto are on opposite ends of the country (if you didn't know... about 50 hours driving time... non-stop) and the big difference to the radio play time chart is that the radio sux. Well it does in my area, I don't listen to it any more. I wonder if they have even played ASR once. With the video, it's sweet. It must get a fair amount of play time on Much, 'cause I didn't even know about till my buddy told me that it was on Much... I don't watch Much because my brain can only strain so much $hit at one time. Is the copy of the video on the site the original release (june 1st) or the re-release on june 4th... I assume that it was toned down? I hate censorship!! freedom of information, GPL, open source and such! B) Peace
  12. From what I understand, History Teacher is basically a bootleg of all of the Demos (or most of them) it was not published per say. It was sold on eBay, and the like. That's what I know about it. People who actually own the disc might want to correct me. Peace
  13. Openers I've seen: Zuckerbaby Dears Wil Peace
  14. ToadMan


    Red's is a huge center.
  15. "Black Market Surgery" is less edited than "At Last There is Nothing Left to Say". Since BMS was a promo item, and "At Last..." is a published work. But BMS does contain the festos that are missing out of edition 1 of the book (which I own).
  16. I had to sign up to this, just to post what I've got... Unfortunately, I don't have the most impressive collection yet (thought I did though): One my computer I have: 15 Hours On A September Thursday, Broken, Euphony, Left of Normal I've got some live stuff (Snowjob 99 among others) I also got some tracks off other discs: Fated, the Molson Music Disc q Load Me Up, Big Shinny Tunes 5 Indestructible, Big Shinny 90's Flashdance II, web-release CDs: Last of the Ghetto Astronauts, Raygun, Underdogs, Beautiful Midnight (Can) Beautiful Midnight (US) Hello Time Bomb (Australian Single) Strange Days Radio Promo Disc Loser Anthems (x2, 01068, and ...) The Audio of Being (/w song book) Avalanche White Light Rock & Roll Review (digi) That about covers it. I wish some of my stuff was signed (*sigh*) Peace
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