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  1. Done and done. I feel good about myself... I wonder if I can assign the donation to someone in Canada who can actually use it (I can deduct against my US taxes and all).
  2. Ok, so a combination of boredom and getting jerked around waiting on coworkers caused me to read the entire series yesterday in about a 6 and a half hour period. It's interesting to reflect on, because I now see the movie as a variation of the story. A lot of the keys are there, but they get jumbled around and linked together. I'm going to hold that the movie did what in needed to do in order to condense the story. I understand what you are talking about concerning character development. The characters in the book are actually much deeper, and much of that relies on exploring their backstory and their interconnection. The movie very much avoided diving into the back story. As a result of that and time, they left out a lot of secondary arcs and characters. Without that they really couldn't explore those interconnections. I stand by what I said that the movie did enough to drive its plot forward. But I can really see what you mean now. I honestly enjoyed the books, and think I would have enjoyed the movie a little less had I read them before. I'd probably talk more about my feeling on the story in the books, but I don't think this is a good place. Anyway, I have to order something off Amazon.com ;) (I really do, I borrowed an electronic copy of the books and in the interest of the free market would now like to contribute back to the author for their effort)
  3. I can't tell if the guys in UFC are tough as nails or all have weak hitting. A normal person just can't take that much of a beating. In that sense, I just can't stand to watch it.
  4. I haven't read the books, so I might get a hold of the first one and go through it to see if I can get into them. From that perspective I found the movie enjoyable, if not a little confusing. There were a bunch of fans in the theater who seem to be picking up a bunch of hooks that I didn't. I felt at a few points like I was missing a few things important things. I can't tell whether the story is that disjoint, or if it's just a byproduct of shortening. In contrast, I didn't feel liks Cera was playing any character different from his norm. It seems like that is just really his type cast. Maybe I just always see him through that type cast. I didn't notice an issue with character development. It seemed about right for the context. I suppose if you had an idea of the character development from the books (which I'm assuming is greater), then you would notice if characters didn't get there. So I didn't really see a problem with it. I have to give some credit to the fight scenes (which sound funny). Despite being ridiculous, they where choreographed technically well. Definitely worth watching to me. I'll probably buy it when it comes out on DVD... I haven't left a movie with sides aching from laughter in a very long time.
  5. As above, Scott Pilgrim... Enjoyed it, laughed a lot. Haven't read the books, so I was a little thrown by how it played, but it was still pretty good. Watched Inception too. I liked it, but wish that they hadn't left the ending a little bit open.
  6. It's still a staple of my collection. I think I'm always going to have a soft spot for his music... dunno... guess I'm a sucker.
  7. I always thought the "You can't even slam my band" part at the start of Flashdance II was pretty funny.
  8. I did actually read it in its entirety. It depends what you are going for really. As an essay it is a little too free form, meandering from point to point without really solidly making one. Still I do see what you are going for.
  9. (A -> B) -/-> (B -> A) Or "God implies events you cannot explain does not imply that events you cannot explain imply god". Which is to say that any rational thinker can state without much trouble that if a god exists, that he/she could cause things to happen that would be beyond our current level of explanation. However, it is a logical fallacy to assume that the existence of things beyond our current level of explanation imply the existence of a god.
  10. I'd say gmail with your full name looks a little more professional. I use my university email account for the same thing. The feature to send to multiple people without everybody getting the CC list is usually BCC, I am pretty sure that gmail supports it. Last time I checked you could only get at hotmail through their web interface. gmail will let you connect via imap, so you can hook it up to your favourite email app.
  11. I'd rather not derail into a discussion of Canadian vs American healthcare... I've now lived in both. I guess I never really stopped to think about how it worked in Canada. My understanding was: If you need it, it's covered, if you don't then you need supplemental insurance. How long it takes depends on how badly you need it.
  12. Mergy mergy. Now sodamn just looks like an idiot... I guess that's not really really anything to do with the merge though.
  13. I sometimes wonder why you try so hard to be unlikeable... and I try to hard to not hate you. Yet every day, you try harder, and it becomes harder to not hate you. I guess you already have a superpower. I've always thought slowing time would be kind of a neat ability. Or maybe the ability to back things up and try them again.
  14. I wasn't raised strongly religious. I think I largely reject most major religions as they seem to just be excuses to be shitty to other people. I don't judge anybody by what religion they practice, and that goes both positively and negatively (I once offended a christian missionary because I implied she wasn't a nice person... apparently being a christian missionary presupposes being a nice person). I used to say I was agnostic, I liked the non-commitment that provides. I think I'm becoming more and more atheists for a number of reasons: Every time one of my christian friends gets married their wedding services always downplay the individuals, and upplay jesus; Every thing I hear out of a group of heavily christian people I know angers me ("oh, my son needed to go to the hospital after injuring himself, THANK THE LORD for his healing powers"... you know not the doctors or anything); I've been considering why many of the scientist that fight the god debate reject the concept of god, and I think they have a point. You can't really say you are open to the idea, if you are searching for an explanation of every thing that would seemingly depend on that idea. If you accept the invisible hand idea, then you can always naturally place is at the limit of scientific understanding. I also agree that I find morality derived from religion to be shallow. If your morality depends on an external judge, then you are still just Pre-Conventional which is based around seeking not to be punished.
  15. I'd complain that you missed me in that list... but then, I haven't done anything interesting.
  16. The only thing worth doing in Winnipeg is leaving.
  17. Alright... so I did a bunch of reading. It looks like your original statement is a little bit of a mis-nomer, but the end result is almost the same. There appears to be a security flaw in the "lost password" function for adc members. I can personally a test that it's probably easier to figure out my security question and birthday than my password. What this means is that you don't need to change your password in-so-much as you need to change your security question. Anyway... it's still totally broken. Here is one saga: http://www.emacconsulting.com/apple/apple-...d-was-hijacked/ Note this isn't new... which I find even more dis-appointing.
  18. Hmmm... it's interesting. I'm also interested as to why none of the hardcore apple trackers have picked it up. I have a few ideas about what is going on. I'm going to assert that since the fraud doesn't go beyond the iTunes store the hackers don't get direct access to your CC #. Still it's pretty shocking.
  19. I can find no contemporary articles to support your claim. Please elaborate.
  20. Too true. There are always customers... some of them aren't outside customers. I don't deal directly with people who buy our products on an official level, but I still have customers of my work internally. It can be really helpful to strive for great customer service. Though I agree with you that administrative roles are critically important, I hope you are not a snob about it. In my office we have a team of admins and 3 of them act as if the world revolves strictly around them. To the extent that they think it is ok to ask us to move out of our offices so they can have the carpet redone, when we are weeks from an important product deadline and all the engineers are working 20 hour days to get things finished. They also insisted on throwing away some of the critically important diagrams we had printed and hung on the walls for one reason or another. Though I should say that we have 2 admins who are completely rock solid, they are pretty much rock stars.
  21. Linky linky: You're probably right. I was a little worked up about something yesterday. I did, however, feel like I had tried very hard to pull in some positive insight, and was just getting walled. Anyway, as the quote above indicates, it's really not worth having a debate about who is more successful, we have a self proclaimed winner. So yeah, lets get back on topic with a little more structure. As I said, it's probably best if we give an idea of industry and role in our comments and replies. It has a huge effect. Admittedly I don't interview well against managers and HR people.
  22. Yes, he is such a private person that he talks all about how much more successful than the rest of us he is. In an industry he won't identify... I drive a top of the line car, but I won't tell you what companies line it is from... I'm just getting at that it's complete nonsense to come storming in here saying you are such an expert, but you have no basis you are willing to share. I suppose you can defend it if you like, but the response adds nothing to the discussion.
  23. I surely hope your business proposals aren't as limp as that reply. There again, with some of the venture capitalists I've met that would probably be sufficient. Just so I don't feel like I'm being just as vague, I'll clarify what I am, exactly what I do and exactly where I am positioned in the hiring mechanism. That might give a little more context to my difference of opinions. I'm an electrical engineer + computer science grad (if any of you care that is B.E. + B.Sc). I am currently a Firmware Engineer at Apple (for those of you that didn't get my hint previously) in the iPod/iPhone/iPad devision (no I can't get you free stuff). My job in hiring is technical screening. When we interview a candidate we schedule them for a day long interview 9am to 5pm (5 blocks of 45 + lunch + some breaks). The first 3 or 4 interview sessions are done by pairs (usually) of people like me. Our goal is to assess a candidate for technical competence. This means that we are asking technical questions related to the field. These range in difficulty, usually we start with easy stuff and work into more complex or nuanced areas. Questions often involve writing source code on the white board. Even none coding questions will usually require some kind of visual depiction to get full credit (by that I mean, it's usually the only way to completely show that you know what you are talking about). I am not a final decision maker. My feedback is weighed with other engineers. Largely negative feedback from all of the first 2-3 groups results in the remainder of the schedule being cancelled. Managers and directors usually interview in the last slots. The fact that our interview process is very strongly oriented towards technical assessment, and that I strongly believe that my coworkers MUST be technically competent makes me weight these things as highly valuable. As you can see from the process I outlined, being able to answer the more nebulous HR questions, and being able to impress managers and directors with your interest and desire isn't going to help you if you don't make it through the gauntlet. Unlike smaller businesses, or an environment where interviews are conducted by people with much more divisional spread, we can only hire for our organization. This means that we do not have the capacity to place people in positions that would require a lower technical ability because they currently lack it, nor do we have the ability to place them in an organization more suited to their taste. I have interviewed people whom would make great application layer programmers, but have too limited an understanding to be firmware programmers. In these cases those people are assessed poorly, and there is little we can do to find them a place. I agree with Owen to an extent. People can be extremely passionate about things they know nothing about. This isn't uncommon in a technical industry. There are literally millions of people passionate about the products I work on, only some of them have the technical expertise required to do my job. In the same vein, I am passionate about saving peoples lives, but I lack the training and skills to be a doctor (I am trained to the highest level of CPR and First Aid I can maintain, and that's about as good as I can get).
  24. I'm playing Need For Speed Shift... I am constantly reminded why racing games never do it for me on console... this one probably is not long to hold me.
  25. Different sectors anyway. You largely haven't said what your businesses do. That makes a world of difference. I'm an engineer at the highest market cap tech company in North America. You can tell me that "knowing stuff" doesn't matter. Sure, maybe not in your industry. When you have to ship a real product with real deadlines, then you need to be able to put out a design. In my organization I don't have time for people who are passionate to spend figuring out how to get things done. I could make various assumptions about your business. But I'm going to refrain. What I'm trying to share here is the spectrum. Maybe to get in with you all people need to have is desire and passion, but if that's all you have on the other side of the table from me, the recruiter will walk you out by lunch time. That's the straight dope for my employer, and may others here in the valley. There are lots of people here on "the bored" that hire, there are lots of people that have been hired. So yeah, lets talk about what it takes. Lets not talk about interview survival skills so much. Your spot on there, it's mostly bullshit and doesn't help you. That's why I ask hard technical questions, because you either know it or you don't, and if you looked it up on the internet I'll know because after you write the answer I'll spin the question. You can tell the difference between google knowledge and real understanding pretty quick.
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