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  1. I think directed and educated protest has its place. I feel that even if you disagree on an issue you should take time to understand it thoroughly. Protesting should be about saying this isn't right, but should be based on near complete knowledge of what is going on.

  2. Toadman give me a better job asshole


    What do you do? and if it happens to be programming low level devices, send me a resume.



    fuck all of this. 100% of this crap can be found on google.


    apply to jobs that you are sincerely interested in, and everything else will take care of itself. if an employer senses true desire, passion and interest, they'll find a place for you in their company, regardless of experience and education.


    I don't know what industry you are in... yes, passion and interest are important, but knowing stuff is way more important. I say knowing stuff, because as I said, I don't give a shit about grades. I give a shit about me handing you a problem and you working that shit out.


    Yes, lots of this stuff is on google. But there is also plenty of bad advice on google. I thought it might be interesting so share some experiences between a more trusted audience. Anyway, like everything else, if you aren't interested and don't want to add, then don't comment.

  3. I'd choose the rain.


    I didn't get to where I by being willing to watch others suffer.


    As an interesting addendum question you could add "they will never know you stopped the bear". That might change how people choose because the it becomes entirely self guided. I wouldn't change my answer, even though I would say the being a hero sort of played into my choice because of the friend I chose.

  4. I went a head and made a thread and pulled in most of these posts.


    I wanted to add a little to what Charles was saying.


    A lot of this will depend on employer, so it's good to try to get a handle on how they crank internally. For where I work, those are all great tip for when you talk to managers. I'll comment a little in line for each of them.


    1) Honest resume

    - This is my number 1 too. I add to it, don't put anything on your resume you aren't able to talk about 100%. Sometimes when we interview people with a lot of experience they will give us 5-7 page resumes with every project from 1984. Let it be known that I will pick something on the second to last item, I will google it, and I will ask questions. The defense of "I did that 10 years ago" doesn't wash with me. If it's not a skill you still have, then it's not a skill you should pretend to have.


    2) Deviate from the norm, write a short paragraph or two detailing you accomplishments at previous jobs. Keep it real and keep it honest. This is the stuff I wanted to see.

    - A little be more managerial than I get into... Anything more that bullet points gets the glaze over from me (sorry to say). I have lots of things to do, interviewing people is pretty low on my priorities list.


    3) Be yourself in the interview, pretention and BS are obvious. No one likes a fake.



    4) Research your interviewing company. Know their business and prepare strong questions about them and

    the position you're interviewing for.

    - This is pretty managerial too. I know one manager who will always ask "what is our current product line?". I think it's important to know what a company does and some basics. When I interview I always have 5 minutes to let people ask me questions. Generally I don't even care what they ask me. A big don't in this group is asking about unreleased or currently in development projects. First, you're not going to get an answer; Second, you look like a dick.






    6) Eye Contact and show interest

    - Ok sure enough.


    7) Take notes, come prepared.

    - Similar to my thoughts on 4. I don't really look for people to take notes, in fact, it makes me a little uncomfortable.


    8) Turn off your goddamned cellphone.



    9) Dress for success. Ladies nothing to revealing, and gents dress like you want the job.

    - I agree to "Dress for the job you want". It's important to listen to the information you get before coming to the interview. My workplace is casual, generally we have a no suits policy on interviews... people who come in wearing suits are out of place. For my place, you dress a spec above casual, but don't go too far.


    10) Let the interviewer lead, do not dominate the conversation.

    - Oh yeah, for sure... I mean we will ask you questions and we want answers... once we have an answer it's best to stop talking.


    Some thoughts for my line of work (I interview for low level programming jobs):


    - Be prepared to present your skills. We ask real questions, and we want answers. It's NEVER a good idea to question the value of a question. Doing so *might* mean you have some insight, but it usually comes off as "This problem is beneath me". Everybody answers the questions at some point, if you want the job, it's not beneath you.


    - Understand the solutions to problems if you are going to look them up. Many many many problems we ask are out there on the internet. You can look them up and memorize the answers. Don't. I know about how long it takes to thing through these problems, if you write the solution from memory, then I'm going to throw you a curveball that is built on the question. If you don't know why the answer is right then you will fall a long way trying to get the curve.


    I'm all out of ideas there.

  5. Here here!


    I've never bought that crap. But at the same time, I'm saying from my side of the table marks don't matter. Recruiters might care about the, but that is up chain. Once you get to talking to me, I ask you to show me how you think. That is, I ask problems and make people solve them on a white board. If you can't solve them, then you probably aren't good enough to work with me.


    And nobody give me the "nervous in the interview room" crap. As an interviewer you can tell the difference between "forgetting by fluster" and just plain old not knowing.


    Maybe we should start a thread about this... it's kind of an interesting topic.

  6. Having interviewed a good number of people for engineering positions I can tell you this: 1) I don't care what your mark are/where 2) I don't care what university printed your piece of paper. I've interviewed 4.0 GPA's from MIT that couldn't find their ass with both hands and a flashlight, I've also interviewed collage drop-outs that could probably implement the entire system from scratch on a weekend. (ok the latter is an exaggeration, the former is not.)

  7. I watched "Invictus" on a plane recently... I enjoyed it, though I would like to read more about the events it portrays to get an idea of how factual or editorial it was.


    I also watched "Alice in Wonderland" on that flight. I thought it was a visually impressive movie. Not really sure I can comment on the plot... it wasn't awesome, but I don't think it could really have been any different. I'm not a fan of the original, so can't really speak to that.

  8. Well that depends on a number of factors.


    Your phone (assuming it isn't ancient) probably takes mp3's. This issue is never so much making the files (you can cut them up with a number of free apps) the issue is usually getting them onto the phone.


    I used to trick my moto by hosting the files on a local web-server and then pointing it straight there. You pay for the bandwidth though.


    If you have one of those nifty Apple iPhones, it's dead simple to make a ringtone for it (you just have to trick iTunes into thinking the file is a ringtone)

  9. Empty's was definitely in the SF encore, my drag along liked it so it came up later.


    The set was pretty awesome, I would rate it pretty high in my MG concerts. Small venue felt really personal. Always are a few songs I wish he had played, and lately a few songs that just don't do if for me. I think if he would have come out with Nights and Avalanche that would have been even more awesome... Avalanche is one of favourite tracks.

  10. I might have an extra ticket for tonight's SF show. My buddy bailed (food poisoning). DM me.


    I've got no answers, so I'm just going to beg my other friends until someone gives in.

  11. Anybody wanting to do an NF meet up in SF.


    The venue is just on the edge of the Tenderloin, so it can be a little sketch, but there are some places in the Mission that aren't too bad. Let me know I'll scout something out.

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