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  1. I think he wants a volcano all his own so he can dive into the liquid hot "magma". Least that's my interpretation of the "born to dive" and the "ladder I can't climb"
  2. this is my favourite demo so far. So great.
  3. i wonder if they can can my vomit post-consuming said product.
  4. Kyle86

    New Song

    for your 10, he just might... I'll throw in mine too
  5. everyone who's ripped it will be sick of it by the time the album comes out. Do yourself a favour and wait til christmas before you open them presents!
  6. Kyle86

    Born Losers

    where? i couldn't see it... edit I should probably take what down if you were me? Huh!?? I just meant I couldn't find the track on his website. 99% of us is Failure was posted just under the audio player
  7. Kyle86

    Born Losers

    well that went up and down quick.
  8. i heard it, just can't get enough!
  9. nooooooooooooo he pulled it from the site! Please tell me someone has a copy
  10. definitely getting me pumped for the album
  11. symbolistic white walls... unfortunately it was only performed acoustic, live.
  12. i give it a coffee filter/a vacuum sealed pack of almonds.
  13. knows the value of a penny... albeit one that has eyes and walks.
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