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  1. It took me a while to get used to Good News For People Who Love Bad News. But I love it now, I love Modest Mouse.
  2. 1.Mellowship Slinky in B-Major by RHCP 2.Babe I'm Gonna Leave You by Led Zeppelin (popular song I guess..) 3.Black Cadillacs by Modest Mouse 4.Source Tags & Codes by ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead 5. While We Were Hunting Rabbits by Matt Good Not in that order though I don't think. Makes you wonder why I bothered to number them.
  3. Great now that's settled! Cool to see some real Seinfeld fans here... Dan, I love Jerry best too...I mean come on, he's the real genius behing the show right?
  4. Cool you people like Harry Potter? Apparently we are going to find out the huge importance of Lily Potter's eyes ... and there's a bit more about what Lily and James did for a living, that will be interesting.
  5. Oooh I bought that CD a while ago...I listen to it all the time, it's definitely their best yet. I really like 'Kill' and 'Nothingwrong'...actually I like all of them. They deserve a lot more credit than they get, they actually had some deep comments on this album.
  6. no its not, we're screwed big time now..god, what sane person would vote bush?
  7. Hey, has anyone out there bought the latest Dandy Warhol CD? Cause I have heard a grand total of one song by them, and I really loved it. I would like to know if their CD is worth buying. I figure I can trust you guys, You all like Matt Good, so you obviously have good taste!
  8. I completely agree with you. And I also agree with a statement I read earlier on this topic, about rather having only half the country vote than everyone. I'm a fourteen year old Canadian, and I know a heck of a lot more about U.S politics than probably half the American's out there! Man, I can't wait to vote! Anyways, if people who aren't informed about politics don't vote, than they haven't got a right to complain, and maybe next time will take some initiative and see whats happening so that they will at least know that they did their part in trying to improve the state of their country. And if you are up to date on what's happening than you really really need to vote, cause the U.S is going to he dogs lol.
  9. I have always been a die-hard fan of Blink-182 actually. I loved Dude Ranch. I loved Enema of the State. I loved Take Off Your Pants and Jacket. And I certainly love their self-titled album!! Blink- 182 are probably my favourite musicians (next to Matt Good obviously). But one thing I dislike about Blink-182 is the bass work. I love Mark Hoppus to death, but if he tried, he could actually do something half interesting with his bass guitar. Like Les Claypool for example, now there's a quality bassist.
  10. Holy cow, that isn't very many voters in your state! And when I said that I was unsure about Edwards, I didn't mean that I thought he would hold Kerry down, I just personally wouldn't want Edwards to hold very high status. There is definitely something I dont like about that man.
  11. I don't think I would like that happy of an ending. perhaps the Quagmires and the Baudelaires are forced be separated for their own good. But that would be a shame, with Quigley and Violet and everything.
  12. I honestly don't think that the majority of American's even care. That's pretty flippin' sad, but that's how I view the U.S citizens. Don't get me wrong, I know that there are some decent Americans, but I don't think some even understand what's happening. I think that a lot of people will just vote for Bush. Just because they know what they're getting into. I sincerely hope that Kerry wins the elections, but I'm sort of unsure with Edwards being around. But hey, you have to take the bad with the good, right?
  13. lol...wow I never heard the lemon/vodka thing before. That certainly is interesting. So do you think that by the time the big 13th book comes out in a few years that he will explain Beatrice a bit more? How do you guys think the last book will end? I'm hoping it's not a happy ending, cause that would just be lame. What do you all think?
  14. Wow, some people here read Lemony Snicket? He is one of the most talented authors ever, in my opinion. Some critic guy or something said that reading a Series of Unfortunate Events is like reading a dictionary...as if. While this topic is up, does anyone know what the deal is with Beatrice?
  15. Yeah, I could do that...I'll admit, I do listen to the radio quite frequently, but I don't think it should be a problem. As for television..well, I dont have the time anyways so that isnt even an issue.
  16. Cool...yeah, I've definitely heard of The Killers, but i didn't think that the quality would carry on throughout the entire record.
  17. Oooh...that sounds pretty cool. I think that's the best book that has been suggested so far! I would love to read that as part of a book club!
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