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  1. Man I pay $910 for a 2 bdrm in downtown Victoria non furnished.. thats good deal for fully furnished.
  2. yeah let's just say mine was fairly 'rouge'.
  3. My mom woke me up for school with the news. I don't remember exactly how I felt... sad, lucky, disbelief. I just remember that day at school being filled with ALOT of misinformaiton and skipping out 3rd block class to go watch CNN at a buddy's house.
  4. You are going to regret leaving this beautiful island for Alberta. Believe me.. just wait, you will miss the ocean and greenery so much. As for finding a place in Calgary... good luck ! Actually I'll talk to a friend of mine who is moving there soon... could possibly hook you up with a roommate?
  5. boo... not my favorite.. they are playing here tommorow though i believe.
  6. I like the Mars Volta.. but only to a certain point, sometimes the 12 min songs get to be too much. De-Loused is probably my fav album by them. At the drive is basically the same as the Mars Volta as far as band members go, isn't it ?
  7. The Tim's in Camrose, Alberta takes debit..I know that for sure
  8. Elephant.. the Columbine shooting 'reinactment' movie. It was horrible in every sense.
  9. Hahaha... another fucking hilarious response to the worst thread ever....well next to the 'should I have a beer?' thread which sadly packed more intelligence.
  10. I heard Matt was thinking of moving to Victoria too... where I also live ;)
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