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  1. song is really good, with an album name like hospital music it has to be good ;)
  2. bill o'riely going bonkers. lols
  3. fucking trent reznor and this damn political album crap. manson sounds better than this garbage. ;)
  4. ness

    Girl In The War

    yeah i heard the original, meh. i can't wait for hospital music though, this mac streaming stuff is killing me.
  5. *getting kind of sick of will farrell*
  6. wtf mate. that was the oddest 15 seconds of my week.
  7. ness

    Google Mars

    google is going to rule the world one day. i wont mind tho
  8. is there any difference on the songs on the blue one? or is it just more rare, because i have the red one..
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