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  1. Good stuff, 9 years have gone by so fast. He seems like a different person now. I guess we all have changed since then! hah... Love reading the old articles, thanks dude.
  2. I'm from vancouver, and have seen quite a few MG shows in my day. But the show in Toronto tonight was really amazing. One of the best times I've seen Matthew play live.
  3. very good news. its been so long since we've seen a band backing him. It will be interesting to see how he uses the band and reworks songs and such. cant wait till may/june.
  4. its down already? man.... if any one has it pm me! thanks.
  5. could someone hit me up with the new track? pleaseee? thanksssssssss
  6. Mushrooms still going, under new management, its now a part of hippowest studios? or something like that... they are still using that sweet sound board they have though. P.S i was digging through the attic at mushroom and i found old log books from the 70's and found ringo starrs recording schedules in one. it was amazing. hah.. pps. those pics are for sure warehouse. oh dude.
  7. Darktown was his own lable was it not? I dunno if he still has rights to it though.
  8. does that imply your not a fan of the studio? or that your actually really close to that studio??
  9. I was talking with the guys at mushroom studios in vancouver and said that they have been talking with matt about recording. Im not sure if thats where hes going to be recording though because the studio is booked for the next two months already. Its a good sign though, that matts really ready to record this album. WOO!
  10. i saw that on going coastal too. they look almost sam roberts'ish. pretty damn cool
  11. It feels liek its been so long since matt has played a live show with a band. I miss the days of being able to see matt 5 times in van a year. haha..waa...
  12. I remember it like it was yesterday the first time, there was talk that dave was out, and ryan dahle was to step in for him on some aob tour dates. then, those were canceled and it was announced on the fox a couple days later (radio station in vancouver) i totally didn't believe it, i thought they would get back together. haha i was bummed. the emotios..to much for me...haha
  13. good ending to this song. i totally forgot about this one. any one remember 4 min mile? or whatever it was called?? really short song, had a sort of ex pats vibe to it.
  14. i just read that too. for some reason i had steve irwin, and steve nash mixed up. man was i way off... does any one know where matts heading first?
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