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  1. Well, I was at the Friday show, and first can vouch that Champions was definitely not played. Also, last night they got How It Goes? Dammit! My 2nd fav. track on LOES.
  2. Just got back from HMV downtown. Wasn't too far back in the line. Got Matt to sign a copy of the new album, talked about Explosions in The Sky and the new tour in a few months. Perfect gentleman, love him to death. Great guy, happy for him.
  3. A bunch of errors, and when this site already has the lyrics...probably not worth the time and/or effort.
  4. What does everyone think of the 'Trans-National' album he's releasing next (recording a song in 10 different cities)? I personally think it's an awesome idea.
  5. I have a couple of those from when I worked in a music store as the album was released. It's a two sided, the top one is the front, the bottom is the back, he's not actually on the mountain front side, they must've just cut him out of another copy of it and taped it on there. I have a massive Audio of Being one too, with the giant earth biology chart...amazing that I still have it after all this time.
  6. Other than 'On Nights Like Tonight'...oh and I agree with whoever mentioned the morons yelling...as if that shit doesn't get stale reeeeaaaal quick.
  7. The first, and still prevalent thing that came to my mind was that it's perhaps about his or someone's ex partner/spouse. Just my opinion of course, but the theme comes up again in Volcanoes, as an example. 'Fought to fight it, just to run' - Relationships can be a struggle, and he's saying that someone fought to hold on, to fight only to just run in the end. 'You're a nail on the tip of my tongue' - Perhaps an obvious nod of 'you cause me pain' or 'i can't say how i feel/express myself with you here' 'miles away from here, where the air in my head gets clear' - Only apart and away from the other person does everything come in to perspective. 'A better half that's skipping stones and cleans you out' - Nod to a divorce perhaps. I also however, always take something immediately away from MG's music, which is always my first indication of it being great. To each his own interpretation.
  8. The double sided ones were the posters sent out for promo to stores and such...being a manager of a music store, I've got 1 on a wall and 2 rolled. Plus a few Avalanche poster flats...tons of others but that'd be tedious to list.
  9. Pretty good show....kinda hard to beat the 2 nights in a row back in Calgary a few years back....those shows were spectacular. It was great to hear Tripoli though. The show had me until the ditzy 3 foot high bimbo yelling for Matt to 'take his shirt off'. It's disheartening sometimes to see the intelligent Matt Good fans overshadowed by the mainstream pieces of shit that just wanna get tanked and scream in a tone-deaf yelp to just the choruses. Still, what a show.........
  10. Actually it's a nice change of pace to see an actor that is multi-faceted so to speak...how many other actors are in good bands? Maybe you're a musician but maybe you're not. As someone that spends hours with people writing music and using programs such as Reason, I think the first 30STM album is insanely deep. In certain songs I heard that the band would re-record an entire take just because the ADSR envelope of a certain key wasn't long enough. Talk about wanting to do your best...that's perfectionism to a T. If you don't like them, that's cool. But I wouldn't call them derivative. Art and music in general is derivative to a certain extent. Every artist takes from other artists and to that extent, Matt Good is as well. Does that make Matt's music any less amazing? Hells no. It's how they put their own spin on it. Spend some time with someone like me or my keyboardist and listen to him talk about how great the first and the new 30STM albums are put together. Not just someone who listens to music a lot, but someone who makes it. And let them listen to the layered guitars. A nanosecond delay on both sides of a guitar track makes the best effect. I could talk geek about it for hours...
  11. I think it might be street teams or something...same thing happened after nine inch nails' "with_teeth" dropped...white chalk NIN logos all over Robson and such. What kind of treasure would it entail if I were to tattoo NearFantastica.Com on my ass?
  12. I really dig the Making of Rooms short film on the DVD. I'm a sucker for black and white, what can I say. Plus getting this Ltd. Edition for free put me in a good mood, what can I say.
  13. MW doesn't have a site right now....cause a bigger one is in the works. I can't say what we'll be selling it at cause I....well I just can't....but think the same as hmv or a buck cheaper. Though I did score a free copy, poster, and a few stickers cause, well, I'm the manager and there has to be SOME perks.
  14. Saw the Mars Volta 2 nights ago opening for SOAD...they owned. All I can say is I wish I had rhythm like the singer...that skinny bastard could shimmy.......seriously...doing that MJ slide across the stage and the splits a la Prince....damn.
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