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  1. my initial thoughts upon listening were that this is my favourite album since Lights of Endangered Species, but I think this could be my favourite MG album. I just love the way it sounds, and the songs are all mature sounding, and cohesive like there's no wasted space, even though it's quite long. i don't know, it's such an easy listen while still being so complex. i'm really loving it.
  2. i LOVE this album. maybe one of my top MG albums. so far highlights are Fingernails, Thorn Bird, and Radicals. This will likely evolve as i listen more. matt's analogy of the typecast actor is sad to me; i wish he could just make the music he wants.
  3. i really like both single so far. super excited to hear the record.
  4. wow 15 tracks; excited for this new album, i really like Sicily
  5. the track is on Spotify now too. gotta say that i'm loving the sound of this; it's really fresh.
  6. excited for this, been checking his Insta for the last month for word of new music
  7. one of the teaser videos with new music he posted ends with a black screen that just says "Matthew Good 2019"
  8. to be clear, it's like a much slower version of If I Was A Tidal Wave. also the subject is political as well.
  9. so i watched the first 3 or 4 episodes of Travelers based entirely on this thread, really liking it so far.
  10. ok this one's a bit older, but i bought Dragon Age Inquisition game of the year edition on black friday for $10 CAD. i'm loving it. i played the previous 2 games when they originally came out, so my memory is a bit fuzzy, but i think this one is the best; there's a lot of really great characters.
  11. i'm liking this. reminds me a lot of If I Was A Tidal Wave.
  12. i believe in both cases when he presented the albums to the label, they made him record and add some more radio friendly songs to the tracklistings, which included Anti-pop, Alert Status Red, Buffalo Seven, and maybe some others.
  13. I saw on Matt's Instagram post about Lights of Endangered Species that the inclusion of In a Place of Lesser Men on the album was maybe a mistake, has he elaborated on this before? just curious. it's a good song, but I could see how musically it doesn't quite fit with the rest of the album. or does he in retrospect dislike the song for some reason? ps. just listening to LoES again, Set Me On Fire is such a good song
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