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  1. wow 15 tracks; excited for this new album, i really like Sicily
  2. the track is on Spotify now too. gotta say that i'm loving the sound of this; it's really fresh.
  3. excited for this, been checking his Insta for the last month for word of new music
  4. one of the teaser videos with new music he posted ends with a black screen that just says "Matthew Good 2019"
  5. to be clear, it's like a much slower version of If I Was A Tidal Wave. also the subject is political as well.
  6. so i watched the first 3 or 4 episodes of Travelers based entirely on this thread, really liking it so far.
  7. ok this one's a bit older, but i bought Dragon Age Inquisition game of the year edition on black friday for $10 CAD. i'm loving it. i played the previous 2 games when they originally came out, so my memory is a bit fuzzy, but i think this one is the best; there's a lot of really great characters.
  8. i'm liking this. reminds me a lot of If I Was A Tidal Wave.
  9. i believe in both cases when he presented the albums to the label, they made him record and add some more radio friendly songs to the tracklistings, which included Anti-pop, Alert Status Red, Buffalo Seven, and maybe some others.
  10. I saw on Matt's Instagram post about Lights of Endangered Species that the inclusion of In a Place of Lesser Men on the album was maybe a mistake, has he elaborated on this before? just curious. it's a good song, but I could see how musically it doesn't quite fit with the rest of the album. or does he in retrospect dislike the song for some reason? ps. just listening to LoES again, Set Me On Fire is such a good song
  11. i just beat subnautica. atmospheric, sometimes scary, interesting story, recommended.
  12. my opinion of Jordan Peterson is almost entirely based on the following: http://www.canadalandshow.com/podcast/canadaland-guide-jordan-b-peterson/ disclosure1: i don't always agree with Jesse Brown, i like that he stirs the shit though disclosure2: i'm an optimistic nihilist, so at the end of the day i guess it doesn't really matter
  13. I'm seeing Goldroom in Vancouver with my girlfriend this saturday (september 1st). should be fun.
  14. over a year later and i'm still trying to finish Breath of the Wild. i'm about 190 hours in, i don't use the fast travel system very often, instead preferring to walk/ride a horse so that i am forced to explore more. i'm about half way through the current zone i'm in and there are still 2 more i've never even been to. i'm predicting 225 hours total play time by the time i'm done, spread out over 15 months.
  15. i always thought Born to Kill would make a good James Bond movie song.
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