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  1. Like I said, it was in the alley behind the Vogue. So many hobos were hitting us up for money it was great. They're quite a clever bunch those hobos.
  2. Yeah totally, I didnt like Auf der Maur at all. The bassist for Limblifter was indeed quite hot. The two females in Auf were yuck Oh and the girl in yellow was playing Bass. The more you know ;)
  3. 3 rows from the front but we just decided screw it and stood up near the front the entire show.
  4. Hahaa after the show we were joking around with Matt about it and he told us we'd only know what it meant if we spoke German but my friend said "Well I knew it was from a porno because I'd seen.. I mean I speak German"
  5. and I also forgot to include the german porn audio clip during North American for Life ;)
  6. I was up front in my Led Zeppelin 4 tee 2 feet away from Matthew Good himself ;)
  7. The tees were 25 bucks to 30 bucks each.
  8. Put Out Your Lights Poor Man's Grey In Love With a Bad Idea North American for Life Weapon Alert Status Red The Rat Who Would be King Little Terror Blue Skies Over Bad Lands Hello Time Bomb Apparitions Big City Lights Load Me Up Carmelina Empty Road I've been reading Crusader and Danimal's posts about being made to leave. You dumb dumbs! If you wanted to get something signed and meet him you have to go around back and wait by the tour bus. Me and my friends met Pat and MG himself and chatted with him a bit and got all our stuff signed. I also saw his wife and son. It was pretty weird since I had no idea he even had a child. Matthew Good was just incredibly nice and I even went back to shake his hand one last time and thank him for the show.
  9. At the vogue! I'll tell you guys how it went after I come back. ;) I'm fucking pumped up as hell.
  10. I made a pretty sweet MG poster. Sweet eh? ;)
  11. The Vogue October 10th. Crusader where are you guys sitting at? I'm going with two friends.
  12. It's hard for me because I don't really think of the songs as what is portrayed in videos at all. Load Me Up was pretty frantic though so that got my vote
  13. I've never consumed copious amounts of drugs and listened to any of Matthew Good's works. I'm going to bring Avalanche next time I hotbox my friends garage ;) We'll pop it in somewhere between the Led Zeppelin and the Iron Maiden
  14. Yes where have you been? The Commodore is ALWAYS 19+
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